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Originating from British Columbia in Canada, Excision is the industry name for the renowned producer and dupstep DJ, Jeff Abel. He was born in 1986 in Canada and started off with his musical career as early as 2004. However, his first ever album was released in 2007, Excision was working on his album and other small projects prior to his album release. He is known the most to be experimenting in genres like post-dubstep, dubstep, electro house, and drum and bass. His experimentations often lead him to outstanding numbers being produced. Excision also established him as a music producer and is most commonly seen to work with his buddies back home, Downlink and Datsik. Excision tickets are always difficult to get hands on due to his popularity scale.

Excision’s music seems to have taken influence from hip hop, drum and bass, and heavy metal. The energy and the baseline of the diversified genres of music add to the life of his music. His first ever album release was in 2007 under the title "No Escape". He released his album from his own producing label by the name Rottun Recordings. Soon after the release of the first album, it was clear that Excision fans are crazy for his variations and experimentation in the aggressive dupstep. Seeing Excision’s command over such different genres of music and his ability to blend them all together, various other artists started to get in touch with him for remix albums. The first one to offer a remix album to Excision was Pendulum who asked him to remix his single from one of his albums released in 2009, "Showdown".
Excision soon became a sensation and a threat to other artists in the genre of dubstep who could not overcome the vocals that Excision created with his talent and command over the instrument. With every new release in the genre of dupstep another hoopla was created in the market with all other performers as well as fans commenting on his work, amongst which most were only highly praising his hard work. He had become the latest talk of the dubstep community for the entire later half of the decade of 2000. Where there were huge number of fans and artists praising him for his work, there were a few raising questions over the manner these sounds were created. But those little voices could not do much harm to the reputation of Excision and his fame continued to rise. Excision is most commonly known to be using Access Virus TI, Linplug Albino 3, Native Instruments Massive, Apple Logic, and Steinberg Cubase. He explained the medium he used to create his work to put an end to the baseless controversies initiating for no reason at all but only with the intention to defame the celebrity making his place in the industry.
Most of the recordings of Excision are available on the internet and viewers can download these numbers free of cost on the internet. His most downloaded and viewed performances include Shambhala Music Festival performances which he gave in various years (from 2008 up till 2011). He has the record of millions of downloads via internet only. Excision is also known for his spectacular tours. One of his most renowned music tours of his lifetime was his tour to the United States in 2011. His US tour was named "Subsonic Tour".
Excision has produced a bunch of singles with about 14 remixes which he has come up with other artists of the industry. He has produced three collaboration albums as well. His latest album was released in 2011 with the title "X Rated". He planned his promotional tour for the album on the North American side with other artists like Lucky Date and Liquid Stranger. The performer is out on his tour giving you the chance of listen to his music live. Grab your Excision tickets right away and entertain yourself to a night of quality music.

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