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Hailing from the suburbs of Wilmette in Chicago, the band, Fall Out Boy got together in 2000. It comprises of four members including bassist Peter Wentz, drummer Andrew Hurley, guitarist Joseph Troham and vocalist cum guitarist Patrick Stump. Before banding together, the members belonged to some underground hardcore bands. Peter Wentz loved to read stories of Curious George, Baber and Richard Scarry books as a child and his favorite children's book was 'The Story of Ferdinand' by Munro Leaf provided the inspiration behind the name 'From Under The Cork Tree'. It is the story of a giant bull that sits under a cork tree and smells flowers instead of doing his job of getting in the ring and fighting. The point to the story being that one should follow their calling, regardless of what is expected out of them. The inspirational album is by far their best album in our opinion as it achieved double platinum status and has sold over 2.5 million albums in the US alone.

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The melody drenched rock band came out with 'Evening Out with your Girl' in 2002 that got them the required exposure to snag a contract with Gainsville and received advance from island records to cut a proper debut album. It also the recording of their next 2003 album 'Take this to your Grave'. With media accolades and positive reviews, Fall out Boys were clearly gaining momentum. After the release and glowing response to 'Take this to your Grave,' The Fall Out Boys band paused and experimented with the melody texture and sound as the fans clamored for more. Their meticulous hard work paid off great dividends as it took almost 2 years to release their crafty, infectious and enduring next album 'Under The Cork Tree'. Fall Out Boy could have easily regurgitated their last album as Wentz clearly says, but as they want to be remembered as a rock band that pushed its limit and was sincere and totally honest to its fans, they didn't do anything of the sort.

Essentially a rock band with emotional and poignant lyrics, the song, 'written on my wrist says do not open before Christmas' describes the band well. The Fallout Boys have performed in the tour for concerts all over Europe, ranging from places like Boule Naire in Paris to the Underground in Koln. Other places include Amsterdam, Albany NY, Pepsi Arena. The Camden show in Philadelphia was all sold out pointing towards the raging popularity of The Fallout boys as this band promises finger snapping and feet tapping gigs.

Having been nominated to the 48 Grammy Awards, the auburn hair, the freckles and the easy grins of the Fall Out Boys belie the outstanding success they have achieved and the respect they have gained. They are not trend followers and despite of all the success, the essence of their music hasn't changed. Fall Out Boy is all set for a tour of Japan in August and one of Australia this September and concerts are scheduled for Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

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