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Feed Me is one of the stage names of the dubstep and electro house producer, and DJ, Jon Gooch. He is known to have mastered the genres of neurofunk, dubstep, electro house, and drum and bass. He is also known as the unicorn or the Spor in the industry. Only a few know him by his real name. He has made his name in the industry with his outstanding output and remarkable contribution on the whole.

Gooch was born in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom and got his first stage name Spor from his first even attempt at his work which he titled Spore Tactics. He compiled his initial work with the help of a mentor Karl Kwasny. Feed Me plucked out the "e" from his title to balance the letters in the name whenever it was displayed in the graffiti style. He was introduced to the Drum and Bass genre by a friend from his school and he started to experiment various outcomes with the new genre. He utilized Drum and Bass to come up with own musical composition for the first time ever. The result of his experiments was unique and attractive in his own way. His work caught the attention of the label manager of Renegade Hardware, Chris Hardware, who wasted no time in signing him to his label. Most of the work produced by Feed Me has been published under this label. Gooch soon began to work on the DJing set.
In the initial phase of his professional career, Feed Me switched between a lot of stage names for himself such as the Unicorn and the Final Reckoning. Gooch worked with Renegade Hardware for quite some long before switching to the Barcode Recordings. He switched to another recording label by 2006, Subtitles Recordings, and released some of his work. During the same year, Feed Me worked with an old friend Chris Renegade and came up with "Lifted Music" which they got signed with producers like Phace, Ewun, Apex, and Evol Intent. The producing venture titled Lifted Music initiated by Gooch and Renegade released their first Spor EP in 2010 which was very well received by fans as well as critics of the genre of Drum and Bass. While giving an interview to the media, Feed Me expressed that the name had been derived by one of the quotes of Harlan Ellison. "Kingdom" and "Halogen" were the two songs from the album which gained the highest level of support and appreciation from the audience. The two songs were also played in the renowned Nightlife 5 mix CD. Gaining mainstream attention of the fans, Feed Me started to perform in various clubs all over the globe under the label Lifted Music.
The name Feed Me was associated with Gooch after his electro house project which he named Feed Me. His work in this genre got such high level of appreciation that he is now known by the name Feed Me. His first EP in the genre was released under the recording label of Deadmau5, mau5trap. Seeing the success levels, he released another EP under the same label which includes 8 numbers. The tracks in this album of his include a fusion of dupstep and electro house. His remarkable fusion urged him to produce more of similar work and he did so by releasing another EP consisting of four tracks. The title of his third EP album was To The Stars which he released in 2011.
Feed Me is known the most for his live performances. With his latest album in the market, Feed Me’s Escape From Electric Mountain, the artist is once again on a promotional tour to entertain his fans all over. For all those diehard fans of Feed Me, he is out to rock once again. Grab your Feed Me tickets at the earliest before the shows are declared sold out. Feed Me tickets are always difficult to get hands on to.

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