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Most of us go through the trials and tribulations of life with the aid of someone to lean on. It can be a family member, spouse, friend partner or even a pet. Yet, in many instances, the pressure on our coping mechanisms becomes too much for us to handle and we turn towards mood alleviating drugs to do the trick. However, with the quixotic vibes generated by the Canadian songstress known simply as Feist, you won't need any chemical cocktail to soothe your senses. Her sultry vocals and dewy melodies create a vivid soundscape that welcomes its visitors with arms wide open, making their experience as spiritual or insightful as they want it to be. Feist's Indie pop, folk and baroque pop laced sound, though not produced from a purely commercial perspective, have nonetheless still attained considerable acclaim, charting her records and singles in the top-ten slots of various countries' listings.

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This folk maiden was born in the chilly environs of Nova Scotia in Canada and shifted to Calagary with her family a couple of years later. Her musical calling turned out to be an all-girl punk band called Placebo, which unleashed her innate abilities following a win in a local battle-of-the-bands contest. When most girls seem to have their hands full with "she said, he said" stuff, a teenaged Feist found herself along with her bandmates playing their first gig as an opening act for the legendary Ramones in 1991. Such a magnitude of success setting in early in their career didn't overwhelm Placebo, and 2 years later they opened a Radiohead show in Alberta.

Somewhere in between punking it out with Placebo, bunking with the Peaches , and playing guitar across the US with By Divine Right , Feist embarked upon her own musical voyage. Her musical pupa finally completed its chrysalis to emerge as a Monarch (Lay Your Jewelled Head Down) butterfly on the eve of the new millennium as her debut record. However, it was with her follow-up album, Let it Die that Feist truly emerged like a phoenix from the ashes and sprinkled her heartfelt renditions across her musical fallow field. With the release of The Remainder three years later, Feist arrived at the forefront of the folk and indie music scene of the 21st century. Produced under Cherrytree Records , the album peaked at the second spot on the Canadian Albums Chart and went on to earn a double platinum certification. Its single "1234" paced its way to #3 on the Canadian Singles chart and broke into the top-ten slot of the Billboard Hot 100 as well as the US Pop Songs charts on the heels of being featured on an iPod nano advertisement. It also scored her two Grammy nominations, including a "Best Female Pop Vocal Performance" one, as well as taking home the 2008 "Single of the Year" Juno Award .

Already having built up excellent performing credentials early in her career, Feist has been a touring a virtuoso all throughout the last two decades. Playing in front of packed stadium crowds whilst opening for Tragically Hip along with By Divine Right during the nineties or running "Bitch Lap-Lap" with the Peaches Feist became part of the Broken Social Scene in the early 2000s. By 2007, Feist was all up, front and center, what with a feature on Vanity Fair and performances on Saturday Night Live . Keeping up her own solo engagements, Feist still made time to pull off a gig with the Broken Social Scene during their 2009 tour, doing the majority of singing and guitar playing.

Even before her 2011 record Metals has had a chance to prove its mettle, Feist's musical legacy has already been embellished with 20 award nominations and 9 win across shows such as the Brit Awards, Grammys and the Juno Awards back home in Canada. Nonetheless, her latest album offering has already clocked impressive chart positions, peaking at one shy of the top spot on the Canadian Albums Chart and clinking in the top-ten on the Billboard 200. This summer, she added the quintessential pizzazz to the "The Velvet Underground Revisited" tribute gig at the Cité de la Musique in Paris that also featured Radiohead's Colin Greenwood amongst other star performers. So for gorging upon a virtual feast of musical treats delicately wrapped in soulful ballads by a feisty artist, book your Feist tickets now.

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