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Her large, round eyes stare intently. Her gaze attempts to pierce your innermost secrets and desire, yet at the same time betrays her own tortured self all curled up in a twist inside of her and seeking empathy. Fiona Apple defies being typecasted as a musical artist trying to carve out a niche for themselves and then pumping out their sound all around. Instead of blossoming on to the music scene, Fiona Apple dropped in on it fully ripened and knocked everyone on the head with her melodically melancholic vibes and aching vocals that sought to inject her poetic power deep into the listeners' psyche. Her trifecta of album offerings is spaced out over her 16-year career, with her fourth record currently in the works. Having garnered a Grammy right at the onset of her career, Fiona is all set to come full circle with her nouveau material. By booking some Fiona Apple tickets right now, you can become a part of her inner sanctum.

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Born in 1977 during the disco era and then growing up during the pop and arena rock laced eighties decade, Fiona Apple was all set to undergo a typical childhood in the Big Apple until a rape ordeal before the onset of her teens altered her disposition. With her teen angst dialed-up tenfold, Fiona started drifting in and out of phases of social and academic disconnectedness and relied on her writing ability to offer succor and retrospection. Leaving highschool after turning sixteen, Fiona headed for Los Angeles, eventually cutting a demo tape, and used her connection with Kathryn Schenker who was a music publicist to pass it along to Andy Slater, an executive at Sony Music.

Fiona Apple's demo blossomed into her debut album that quite literally generated a "tidal wave" of appreciation and acclaim, rising to the top of the US Top Heatseakers chart and then crashing down at the 15th spot on Billboard 200. Throughout Tidal, her fecund vocals intermingle with her mature jazzy piano playing that belies her nascent association with the instrument. Her raw compositions, though falling behind her musicianship, heighten in their potency in numbers such as "Shadowboxer," "Sleep to Dream" and "Criminal," that was acquitted by being bequeathed a Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance as well as nominations for Best Rock Song and Best New Artist for Fiona. The latter song's risqué video pitted Fiona's rippling sensuality with her simmering poignancy amidst a chilled-out reverie and drove up the barometer of success of her freshman album, garnering it a triple-platinum certification since its release. "Sleep to Dream" and "Criminal" also struck down two MTV Video Music Awards for Best New Artist and Best Cinematography respectively

With her sophomore offer of When the Pawn Hits the Conflicts He Thinks Like a King..., Fiona Apple opted to infuse her poetic response to negative criticism in building up a musical arsenal that blasted her ambitious compositions in rock and jazzy containments. The record peaked at the 13th spot on Billboard 200, eventually being stamped with a platinum certification and spawned the hit "As Fast You Can" that entered the top twenty on the Modern Rock Tracks chart. The album itself, along with the track "Paper Bag," received a pair of Grammy nods. With twice the amount of time lapsing between her second and third studio albums, Fiona's musical excursions paid off in the form of an Extraordinary Machine that grinded out notable numbers such as "Not About Love" and left its listeners with a "Parting Gift", going gold in the process.

Fiona Apple has been alighting upon venues all over the country since the mid-nineties, undertaking regular tours in support of her outpourings. She has collaborated with the likes of Johnny Cash and in addition to her 1996 Grammy win, has been nominated six times across the major genre categories of rock, pop and country. So book your Fiona Apple tickets now for taking a juicy bite out of her musical produce and relishing on the heady aftertaste.  

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