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Formed in 2006, Fleet Foxes has now become a prominent name when it comes to folk music. The band hails from Seattle, Washington, and made their studio debut with the release of their debut self titled album. The album was released to much commercial and critical acclaim, and helped the band to come into the spot light in 2008.

The history of the band goes back to the days where Skyler Skjelset and Robin Pecknold attended Washington High School together, so after they became close friends. Both of them shared same likeness in music, and were big fans of Neil Young and Bob Dylan. Soon after, the two of them started making music together. With the support from the parents of both of them, the duo started practicing music from early ages. Later on, both of them formed a band by the name of Pineapple. But since there was another band playing by the same name in the city, Pecknold settled on changing the band’s name to Fleet Foxes. Afterwards, Pecknold took charge as the primary singer/songwriter of the band apart from playing guitar. And Skjelset on the other hand was on lead guitar. As the band started making music together, they captured the attention of Phil Ek, and Seattle based producer. Thanks to his help and cooperation, the band was able to record Fleet Foxes EP in 2006. With their music and lyrics, the band greatly impressed Ek. And later they also managed to grab the attention of the local press.

As their popularity started to grow more and more, the band headed to the studio to record their full length debut album in 2007 along with Ek as their producer. Due to the tight financial conditions of the band members, they weren’t able to record the whole album in the studio. Due to that they weren’t able to afford shifts in the studio so they had to record many of the tracks from the album at their apartments or other places. The band’s popularity grew more and more with word of the mouth mainly. The material they had posted on their MySpace page was getting enormous amounts of hits. In addition, word of mouth played an important role in providing the band with local exposure. With local popularity and recognition coming their way, Fleet Foxes started attracting attention of record labels as well, and soon they signed their first record deal with Sub Pop, a subsidiary of Warner Music in 2008. During the time they signed their record deal, the band was void of any manager or legal representation for that matter. So Pecknold’s sister Aja Pecknold then took charge as the band’s manager.

After their record deal, the band started prepping for their upcoming concert tour, but before that they finished recording Sun Giant EP. On February 28, 2008 the band embarked on its first official concert tour along with another band called Blitzen Trapper. The band gained a lot more popularity among the fans of the genre when they performed at Sasquatch! Festival and SXSW Festival in 2008. Apart from attracting the attention of local media, the band also caused a buzz in European press as well. On April 8, 2008 the band released Sun Giant internationally to critical and commercial acclaim. Even though the EP did pretty well in terms of its critical reception, the Fleet Foxes still weren’t satisfied with it, as they claimed it didn’t convey their ambitions properly. As the band’s upcoming studio album was in the pipeline, Fleet Foxes decided to extend their concert tour in support of their upcoming album.

Band’s self titled debut album hit the music stores worldwide on June 3, 2008. Just like their previous releases, the album was welcomed with positive critical reception. In addition to other review sites and magazines, Rolling Stones gave four out of five stars to the album. The band’s most recent studio release was Helplessness Blues which came out in 2011. With the release of their new album, the band is about to embark on a concert tour to help promote their album. And after looking at their popularity, Fleet Foxes Tickets are expected to sell out soon.

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