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Flux Pavilion is the industry name of the DJ and dubstep producer, Joshua Steele. He was born in the United Kingdom in 1989 and kicked off with his professional career in 2008. He is known the most for his contributions to the dubstep and electronic genres of music. Alongside, coming up with diversified musical versions in the genre of electronic and dubstep music, Flux Pavilion also established himself as a producer. He partnered with DJ Swan-E and Doctor P to initiate the production house by the name Circus Records.

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Flux Pavilion made his place in the industry in a short time and became known as one of the most talented dubstep artists of the time. He stood out amongst other dubstep artists due to his unique mix of manic base lines and hard rhythms, a blend found in no other artists’ work. His distinguishing work and contribution to the world of DJ and to the music industry gained him unimaginable support and countless die-hard fans who appreciated his fusion of music to a great extent. His tracks were an amazing combination of music and instrumental work. He gained high level of appreciation from various critics in the industry. Due to his crazy level of work energy and dedication, Flux Pavilion was soon being booked by countless fans domestically as well as internationally. With the increasing level of fame, getting hands on Flux Pavilion tickets is becoming a challenge for fans all over the globe.
In the initial phase of the professional life of Flux Pavilion, he gave out performances alongside Plastician, Hatcha, Caspa, Rusko, and N-Type. Soon he started to give out performances on his own and made a place for himself in the international dubstep forums. Flux Pavilion has a high demand in the international industry for dubstep taking him to higher levels of success and achievement than any other in the field in his home country.
In little time, Flux Pavilion did not only make appearances in shows and performances relating dubstep, but in various other genres making his place in the hearts of million spectators other than debstep fans only. Alongside his diversification into other genres, Flux Pavilion is destined to achieve great success with his own recording label, producing his own work and making money alongside other artists.
Flux Pavilion gained significant level of popularity with the release of his single "Bass Canon" in 2011. The single reached up till number 56 at various United Kingdom ranking charts for singles. It also made its way to the top of the A list at one of the most prestigious radio stations of the country, Radio 1. The same year, Flux Pavilion released a compilation album in collaboration with Doctor P. The album was titled "Circus One" and included four songs put together by Pavilion. In the month of August of the same year, another single produced by Pavilion was picked for the hip hop album of Shama Sak Pase. The album was titled "Watch The Throne" and included musical contributions from Kanye West and Jay-Z.
The second single gaining mainstream success was "I Can’t Stop", which was included in the Sound of 2012 polls conducted by the BBC. A year later, the same single was used in the "KONY 2012" campaign and gained even bigger response from the audience raising the number of fans of Flux Pavilion to another height. Flux Pavilion came up with his first debut release in March 2012 by the title "Daydreamer". The song is expected to be broadcasted on television for the first time in April 2012. With the latest release in line, Flux Pavilion tickets are selling like crazy.

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