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Dubstep fans are living in a moment of glory as in this time and age there are many musicians who understand the needs of the listeners, channeling their musical endeavors towards dubstep. The artist pioneering the trippy dream like sound of dubstep is without a doubt, the Flux Pavillion. Hailing from England the Brit star is a favorites among all dubstep fans. Checkout what he has to offer you this time and seal your deals of the Flux Pavillion tickets right here, right now! Shaking dance floors with his groovy, hip shaking tunes the Flux Pavillion is back in concert so don’t forget to c heck them out at a venue near you.

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For some serious dancing music make sure to get to the venue on time. The Flux Pavillion generates real techno music for real dance lovers. Incorporating jungle beats with electronic music, house drum and bass the Flux Pavillion manage attracting huge crowds to their shows making their concerts are always sold out events. In case you feeling like partying hard then make sure to click on your ticket deals just in time from us. Catch the Flux Pavillion muck around with music beats to create something entirely its own.

Find out what Joshua Steel has to offer his fans this time. The man who prefers being referred to as Flux Pavillion is set for his upcoming concert performance. The DJ and Dubstep producer has entertained audiences in places near and far and now as he comes to your continent make sure to try and make him feel at home. This talent machine is a co-founder of the circus Records. Other founders of the Record include, Doctor P and DJK Swane-E. Joshua Steel aka Flux Pavillion surfaced in the music industry in 2008 and propelled to fame with his single, "Bass Cannon." The single released in 2011 and has sure created waves among music buffs everywhere.

When his driving bass lines started attracting attention from all directions in the Towcester music scene, Flux realized his potential and started thinking on a line, where he could take up a career in the music industry. What sets him apart from his contemporaries is his originality and individuality in mixing energetic tunes with loud ones to create something which is truly unique and fun.

If you haven’t witnessed him in concert before then this is your chance to have it all, just make sure to dash out of the house in time before the party gets started. Be there at his concert and listen to songs like "I Can’t Stop" and "Hold Me Close." Remixing already existing tunes and creating something that is completely new is Flux Pavillion’s favorite past time. Some of his unforgettable remixes include, DJ Fresh’s "Gold Dust" and louder. Along with Doctor P Flux Pavillion released the album, Circus One which accumulated large audiences to subsequent concerts. Doctor P as everyone knows was also a part of the "Louder" remix. His videos get the highest viewing on YouTube as well, so catch the star in live concert as he comes to a venue near you.

Studying Commercial Composition he started writing songs and making music since early teen within a year or two his interest in music expanded he was out on his own buying guitars alongside friend, Doctor P. By the time he reached University level, he became the life of all parties and was DJing across the country. Reaching third year he became a producer as well as a performer and managed studies. His stage constitutes of two words, first let’s look at Flux which means flow of energy and Pavillion which is a place where entertainment takes place. Well in case you are looking for a place where real entertainment is yet t take place then make sure to book your Flux Pavillion tickets from us now.

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