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Spanning several genres of music but mainly dance-infused pop rock, the band Foster the People was formed by singer, guitarist, and keyboardist Mark Foster in Los Angeles, CA in 2009. Mark Foster saw a time of struggle while looking for success as a musician. Fighting a drug addiction, doing odd jobs, waiting tables, and finally working as a commercial jingle writer, he got back his confidence and wrote all types of music encompassing piano, spiritual, electronic, and classic. Finally, he fulfilled his heart’s deepest wish by befriending Mark Pontius, a great drummer, and forming a band; his old friend Cubbie Fink joined the band as a bassist. This band rapidly became famous as an enthralling group of dynamic musicians known to enchant their fans with their melodious, hip-swinging music so get your Foster the People tickets and rejoice in the passion of music.

Interestingly, Mark Foster originally named the band "Foster & the People;" however, people skipped the "and" while taking its name, and eventually, the band also realized the impact of the philanthropic sound of the new name, so it officially embraced the title of Foster the People. The band soon hit the commercial jackpot when it released its song "Pumped Up Kicks" free through its website. It literally went viral with infinite number of people downloading the fantastic song, and soon, the band became a household name among music enthusiasts. The band’s popularity increased when it performed at the March 2010 South by Southwest Music Festival and reached a wider audience. After this, the band was on a rapid incline, and Mark Foster was inundated with emails coming from all directions enquiring about his group. Soon, the band signed a deal with Startime International and started working on its debut album. It was intelligent in its decision about not rushing an album and doing a hotchpotch job to ride on the success of its "Pumped Up Kicks" hit song. It worked diligently on its new music while experimenting with touring acts. The Echo night club in Los Angeles was houseful after the third appearance of the rapidly-becoming-famous band.
January 2011 saw the band’s hit song "Pumped Up Kicks" being played on several radio stations. Interestingly, it spanned several genres and made appearance on different charts. Foster the People released its first album, "Torches," which debuted at the number eight position on the Billboard 200 Chart hugely propelled by the successful hit single "Pumped Up Kicks" that ultimately peaked at number three position on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and became the sixth best selling digital song of 2011.
Foster the People also made waves by appearing on the Saturday Night Live show on October 8, 2011 where they played their hit songs. It was no surprise for anyone when it was nominated for "Best Alternative Music Album" for "Torches" and "Best Pop Duo/Group Performance" for "Pumped Up Kicks." The band also performed at the Grammy Awards Ceremony with The Beach Boys, which it had idolized for ages.
Foster the People is currently working on its second album while basking in the glory of its newly found success. After struggling for so many years as a musician, Mark Foster has seen the light of stardom by climbing at a rapid pace and is simply amazed by the band’s popularity. The outstanding element in the band is its mastery over different genres of music; from alternate rock to pop, from classic to spiritual, the band does all types of music true justice, which is a major reason why its number of fans is growing day by day. It’s your time to glow in the powerful magic of the band’s rocking music and feel your body tingle with the electricity of its artfully played live melodies. Get your Foster the People tickets and enjoy with all your family as the music of the band is far-reaching and people of all ages love it.

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