Foxfest Alice In Chains Tickets

Foxfest Alice In Chains tickets are available to see a live performance by the American rock band that found fame in early nineties. One of the foremost bands in the periods grunge movement not only did the band achieve tremendous success then but is still among one of the most sought after rock acts. Their worldwide album sales have exceeded twenty five million. American cable TV network VH1 has included the band at number thirty four in the list of 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock. Distinctions of the band also include earning eight Grammy Award nominations and winning the ‘Icon Award’ by Kerrang!

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Now the band is all set to rock music enthusiasts at the Foxfest Alice In Chains concert. The music festival, Foxfest is held twice a year and includes performances by some of the greatest bands. In the past these have included Audioslave, Green Day, The Offspring, Velvet Revolver and many more. This year one of the events featuring the legendry band is being held at Deer Lake Park.
Alice In Chains was formed in late eighties in Seattle, Washington. Consisting of four members it was made up of Layne Staley, Jerry Cantrell, Mike Starr and Sean Kinney. Starting with playing in local clubs the band went to achieve tremendous recognition. Their EP ‘We Die Young’ got them noticed when it became a success on radio. Soon they released their debut album ‘Facelift’ which went on to be certified gold.
Following in the success the band released their platinum selling album ‘Dirt.’ Impressively the album has also been ranked in the top five albums of the last two decades by the magazine Close-Up. Their self titled next album topped the Billboard 200. After reaching star status the band was inactive for almost ten years around the mid nineties. They made a comeback after over a decade with the album ‘Black Gives Way to Blue’ which went on to be certified gold. They have also contributed to the soundtrack of the film Singles. Additionally, they also made an appearance in the film as the bar band.  Other films that have featured their music include Last Action Hero and Clerks. Alice in Chains has also performed their music on the TV program ‘Later Live... With Jools Holland.’
They have won over the audiences performing at the hit show MTV Unplugged. A recording of the show was also released later. More recordings of the group’s performances from festival shows, bootlegs and demos has also been released in an album ‘Live.’ Another recording of their greatest hits and their rare work has also been released under the name ‘Music Bank.’ Better than listening to the bands recordings, be part of the Foxfest Alice In Chains stage performance to see them perform live.
Music of the band has elements of alternative rock, heavy metal, grunge and alternative metal. The uniqueness of their music is also due to the powerful vocals. These are overlapped to create a harmonious effect. The band has had a great influence on the genre and several bands have gone on to do covers of their songs. Their fame goes beyond boundaries, a cover of their song ‘We Die Young’ from their first EP has been done by the Hungarian group Ektomorf.
The band has gained experience opening for Ozzy Osbourne's No More Tears tour. Other acts that they have opened for include Poison, Metallica, Iggy Pop and Van Halen. Appearing on stage across Asia, Europe and Australia the band has won over a large number of fans. They have also been part of music events like Soundwave Festival and Lollapalooza.
Known to give outstanding stage performances, Alice In Chains has been ranked at number fifteen among the greatest live bands by the magazine Hit Parader. Get Foxfest Alice In Chains tickets to see the band live in concert. Given the popularity of the band and the reputation of the festival to hold outstanding performances, the event is sure to be memorable.

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