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The TV Channel Nick Jr. is always bringing remarkably likeable programs for children. From preschoolers to teenagers, kids love watching their favorite programs on the famous channel. Music is loved by children and this fact has been embraced with open arms by the production team of Nick Jr. This is the reason that many of their TV shows have music as the basis such as the super hit show titled Fresh Beat Band. The greatest news is that now you and your children can also see the enthralling performance and listen to the invigorating, beloved tunes of the show in a theater near you as the show has gone on stage. Grab your Fresh Beat Band tickets and have the perfect family time with your children singing along on your favorite songs and watching the four vibrant singers displaying their fantastic talents right in front of you.

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When the show Fresh Beat Band, also known as the JumpArounds, was launched on Nick Jr, it received a very warm reception as children loved its concept. The show was about four teenagers who were studying at a music school and had a music band. The show actually targeted preschoolers and slightly older children as the main goal was to teach problem solving skills to children in a light, fun way. With a fantastic cast of four instantly loveable characters, the show was appreciated by not only children but also parents. Some of the songs repeated in the show and children learnt these marvelous tunes and sang along enjoying every moment of the darling show. Each episode started with an original pop song giving an idea of the problem that was going to come in the show. Then, the concepts of unity and mind power were instilled by showing children that all problems can be solved by working together. After the solution was discovered, the episode’s beginning song was sung again with new lyrics added about the solution of the problem. The show ended with "Great Day," and this closing song was catchy, melodious, and simple and quickly became a permanent part of the repository of songs memorized by children.
The four characters in the Fresh Beat Band are cute and children simply adore them. They jump and dance full of energy, ideas, and music throughout the show and their dynamism is contagioius. Twist is the disc jockey on the turntables and beat box. He is vibrant, humorous, good looking, and is the crazy solver of problems. Twist is played by Jon Beavers who writes hip-hop music and loves playing his character. Marina the Drummer is played by Tara Perry; a pretty, intelligent girl with interests in technology. Thomas Hobson, known for his part in Star Trek – Deep Space Nine, plays the role of Shout, the piano player. Kiki, played by Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer, is on guitar and violin. All the actors are young and vibrant singers with amazing music talents and imbue the show with their natural charm. They’re marvelous on television, and they’re fabulous on stage where their fans can see them live, notice their natural personalities breaking through the acting, and enjoy their energy without any camera in between. It’s pure and simple live and children go crazy seeing their favorite stars from their beloved Fresh Beat Band performing in front of them. 
Fresh Beat Band has an enchanting supporting cast such as Harper the Pizza Maker, Reed the Guitar Player, Banjo the Dog, Melody the Smoothie Maker, and the Junior Beats, to name a few. They, together with Twist, Shout, Marina, and Kiki, make the show a hit among children. Music, dance, problem-solving: these are the ingredients for a show targeting preschoolers, and the show has the perfect quantity of these ingredients. Children love seeing it on television and imagine their excitement when they see it live. They’ll be totally spell bounded to see their favorite characters jumping, dancing, and singing right in front of their eyes. Get your Fresh Beat Band tickets and have a memorable time with your entire family. 

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