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It takes one lucky break to make an up and coming act world beaters. It took “We Are Young” a cover in the hit TV series Glee and a Chevrolet advertising slot during Super Bowl XLVI’s heavy television traffic to whip up the frenzied excitement that the song now elicits. And today, the drum-heavy anthem has become the first Billboard #1 hit for indie pop band Fun. The band is based in New York City and consists of lead vocalist Nate Ruess, and vocalist/guitarists Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff. An indie pop super-group, the band members all had burgeoning careers with their own bands before coming together. Their sophomore album Some Nights is doing well after coming out this February, and they are riding the crest of success of “We Are Young”, which hit the summit on 7th March. Nate Ruess’s meandering vocals do not follow conventional song structure, making for great improvisation live. It is one of the reasons why Fun tickets have been so hot on the market lately.

Nate Ruess was born in Arizona in 1983 and initially made the indie band The Format with grade school partner Sam Means in 2001. After two album releases, they split. When The Format had been on tours, they sometimes linked up with New Jersey act Steel Train on the road. The latter’s guitarist/vocalist Jack Antonoff was approached by Ruess to make Fun, after he had recruited touring partner Andrew Dost for the project. The trio kicked off recording in 2008 in New Jersey. After recording a few demos, Ruess brought in old hand Steven McDonald, who had played bass on an album for The Format, to produce their upcoming album. McDonald was suitably impressed. After their debut single “At Least I’m Not as Sad” garnered a good response, the album Aim and Ignite came out in August 2009. Touring was extensive after that, and Fun soon signed to Fueled by Ramen Records. They collaborated with artists on many tracks before work on the second album kicked off. “We Are Young” received only online attention at first, but it has since shot the band into prominence. Some Nights, the second album came out in February 2012. Fun’s genre has been noted as indie pop but with a great deal of orchestrations and electronic influence, while their latest album also brings in elements of hip hop. Nate Ruess’s vocals bear a striking resemblance to those of Queen’s Freddie Mercury, in that they mesmerize with unpredictable lows and soaring highs with scant regard to traditional song structure.

The first demo record was “Benson Hedges”, while “At Least I’m Not as Sad” was the first released single. The raw intensity of “Benson Hedges” stands out in Aim and Ignite, as does the latter track’s emotional turns, which are rounded off by Ruess’s well-documented theatrical vocals. “Be Calm” is one of the stellar tracks of the album, which reached #71 on the charts. It courses through at varying speeds, at first being a ballad, then moving at breakneck pace to a metal core feel, and finally ending at par with an anthem. “All the Pretty Girls” has a peppy and bouncy feel. Two non-album singles, “Believe in Me” (2010) and “C’mon” (ft. Panic! At the Disco) came out before the band returned to recording for their next offering. It was inspired by hip hop, especially Kanye West’s renowned My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and Fun finally roped in the latter’s producer Jeff Bhasker after he had initially rejected offers. He instantly struck a chord with the band, and Some Nights has skyrocketed to #3 upon release. The inspirational anthem “We Are Young” (ft. Janelle Monae) is the reigning #1 single with Platinum certification, making Fun the first band in a decade to make their Billboard debut at #1. Its momentum was bolstered by Glee’s cover and the Chevrolet advertising spot. “Some Nights” (#63) is the album’s second single.

Nate Harold, Emily Moore and Will Noon are all current touring members. Former touring members for Fun include Jon Goldstein, Rob Kroehler Michael Newsted, Maggie Malyn, and Evan Winiker. The band has performed in tours with Vedera, Paramore, Jack’s Mannequin, and Panic! At the Disco (Vices and Virtues Tour), and the next stops are Austin, New Orleans, Houston and Dallas.

Fun has made a storming surge to the charts’ summit. With Ruess’s endearing vocal gymnastics, it seems they are there for the long haul. Fun tickets are all you need for a sonic blast this spring.

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