Furthur Phil Lesh Tickets

Furthur came into existence when former band members of Grateful Dead, Phil Lesh & Bob Weir, decided to join the forces. This Super Band was formed back in 2009 when other renowned musicians, Jeff Chimenti, John Kadlecik, and Joe Russo, became the permanent band members of the Furthur. The original line up of the band also featured Jay Lane, but later in 2010 Lane decided to part ways to rejoin his old band, Primus.
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The roots of the band go all the way back to 2008 when after the gap of four years, Phil Lesh and Bob Weir started performing together once again. Initially, they started performing as the reunited version of The Dead, but later it was made official that they have formed up a new band, Furthur, after they finished off their 2009 tour. The Furthur, still however, seems to be a reincarnation of The Dead to some extent. The band’s music and style still shows the elements of the style employed by the Dead. Even on their live performances, Furthur performs a couple of tracks that were originally performed by The Grateful Dead. But by the addition of new tracks to their set list, they still manage to keep the whole experience as fresh as new. Furthur also performs songs from other hit bands like The Clash, The Band, Beatles Rolling Stones and several others. In addition, their live performances also include those songs by the Grateful Dead which they rarely performed during their time.

Furthur officially made its debut as a live performing act back when they performed at the Fox Theatre in Oakland on September 18, 2009. They performed three shows at the Fox Theatre which were closely followed by five more shows in Northeastern region of America. On the New Year’s Eve the band also gave two live performances in Mill Valley and San Francisco. The performances on the New Year’s Eve also saw the addition of two new backing vocalists, Zoe Ellis and Sunshine Becker. Both of them remained to be a part of the band until the end of their winter tour. The band went on Tour once again from February 2, 2010 and a month before that they continued with their live rehearsal sessions. During their tour the band mainly performed in East Coast with some shows in other cities as well. Their tour lasted up till March 8, 2010 and during that tour they also celebrated Phil Lesh’s 70 th birthday in San Francisco. A new addition of a backing vocalist, Jeff Pehrson, was made to the band after band’s previous backing vocalist, Zoe Ellis, left the band to pursue her cappella ensemble SoVoSo. Band’s drummer, Jay Lane, also parted his ways from the band to rejoin Primus around that time.

It was officially announced in February of 2010 that the band will be featured in three music festivals that year. These music festivals included All Good Music Festival, Nateva Music & Camping Festival and Gathering of the Vibes. Apart from performing at these events, the band also made some extra stops in various other cities including Lewiston, Philadelphia, Lowell, Columbus, Brooklyn, Stroudsburg and many more. Furthur is all about top of the line energetic live performances. So all the fans of Furthur as well as The Grateful Dead; with our Furthur Phil Lesh & Bob Weir Tickets you will get a chance to spend your night among some of the finest rock stars of our time.