Genesis Tickets

Genesis is a Rock band and they have achieved success in 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. The band was very famous in this period of time. International fame Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins used the band as their launch pad. Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks formed a band named the Garden Wall in 1965.

The beginning of Genesis was in 1965 when Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks formed a band named the Garden Wall. Anthony Phillips and Michael Rutherford were at the same School. They were part of another group Anon at that time.After that two groups merged. The tasks for Rutherford and Phillips were to write the songs. The band got the break through when Jonathan King heard the tape. He got the group to continue working for the studio. Jonthan King renamed that band name Genesis.

The first recording of genesis band was done in 1967. Their debut single, "The Silent Sun,"was released. The band saw the changing of the outgoing band members but its work on the music continued. The next album Trespass was recorded after that. After a couple of replacements, Phil Collins and guitarist Steve Hackett came to be part of the band. They become successful after their third album Nursery Cryme

In 1972, the album Foxtrot was launched. The track "Supper's Ready," was great. They released their double LP The Lamb Lies Down on the Broadway in 1974. In 1991 they released their album We Can't Dance and it was a super hit album. It was the last ablum with Collin with Genesis group. Ray Wilson has joined after that. People still like to see them live, Genesis is very popular. They are attracting large number of people. Tickets of these shows are in huge demand.