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George Clinton was born on July 22, 1941 in Kannapolis in North Carolina. He is one of the leading American singers and producers. He is also one of the founding fathers of funk music along with James Brown and Sly Stone. He coordinated the groups Parliament and Funkadelic during the 1970s and early 1980s, as well as some satellite productions before embarking on a solo career.

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Clinton grew up in Plainfield, New Jersey where he worked in a hair salon before forming the doo wop group The Parliaments. Due to contractual problems, the group became just Parliament. It was then renamed Funkadelic. They went on to publish twelve albums from the year 1970 to 1981 after the significant recruitment of keyboardist Bernie Worrell and guitarist Eddie Hazel. The band first focused on rock and roll music inspired by Jimi Hendrix before moving to a psychedelic version of funk.
George Clinton recorded several solo albums in the year 1982. He sometimes collaborated with members of Parliament and Funkadelic who came to be known as "The P-Funk All Stars." In the year 1982, Clinton signed a contract with the recording label Capitol Records as a solo artist and released the album Computer Games. His single Loopzilla reached the Top 20 R & B charts, followed by Atomic Dog, which won first place in the R & B ranking, but did not exceed the 101th place ranking in the pop charts.
During the next three years George Clinton released three studio albums, namely You Should-Nuf Bit Fish, Some of My Best Jokes Are Friends and R & B Skeletons in the Closet as well as a live record known as Mothership Connection (Live from the Summit , Houston, Texas). Three of his singles were ranked in the Top Thirty R & B charts namely Nubian Nut, Last Dance and Do Fries Go With That Shake. During the 80s, he faced some legal problems and financial difficulties due to complex copyright issues. Not only that, but he also faced as a decline in popularity.
The former leader of Funkadelic signed two albums with Prince, who started his own recording label. The name of the albums were The Cinderella Theory and it was released in 1989 and Hey Man, Smell My Finger which was released in 1993. a lot of the old music of Clinton is sampled in the composition of albums such as Doggystyle by Snoop Dogg, which was released in the year 1993 and was produced by Dr. Dre.
George Clinton has given many concerts in the United States and Europe as well as other parts of the world. He continues to release new albums. Some of his most popular releases include Dope Dogs which was issued in the year 1995, TAPOAFOM (The Awesome Power Of A Fully Operational Mothership) which was released the following year and more recently How Late Do U Have 2BB4UR Absent? which came out in the year 2005. This was a double album which marked fifty years of his impressive career.
During the 1990s, Clinton turn ed to movies. Some of his famous films include Graffiti Bridge which came out in 1990, PCU which was released in 1994, Good Burger which was issued in 1997 and more. He also composed and recorded some songs for movies such as PCU , Big Party, Muppets from Space, Romeo Must Die and Charlie's Angels. More recently he lent his voice to Funktipus, DJ Bounce FM, and Grand Theft Auto, which is a video game released in the year 2004. Clinton was also seen in an episode of season two of the American series "How I Met Your Mother" where he played himself, offering a ferret to one of the heroines (Lily, Alyson Hannigan ) in a lunch in San Francisco.
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