Girl Talk The Band Tickets

As Greg Gillis comes to New Braunfels, make sure to seal your deals for the Girl Talk New Braunfels tickets right away! Girl Talk is the pseudonym used by Greg Gillis the very famous DJ and remixer. Watch out for his intoxicating remixes as he comes to a concert venue near you. A staple of Pittsburgh, the musician has taken up professions which are poles apart, during the day you will see him working as a biomedical research engineer and at night he would shape shift in to a DJ unlike any other, rocking hard during a party. His shows are sold out events and if you are looking for a night where you can groove all night then look no further as Girl Talk is just around the corner.

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His sample based dance tracks will give you every reason in the world to forget your worries and party all night. His songs are based on recognizable samples of recent hits. His genius lies in the way he recontextualizes them to create something which is totally new and original. Catch him strip to his underwear while holding the mic in his hands and doing those high speed exhortations which are his trade mark now. The name Girl Talk was chosen since it seemed to him that a lot of electronica artists pulled off a serious and stuffy image and to break that image he used chose on Girl Talk as his stage name. We are running short on Girl Talk New Braunfels tickets so book your deals as soon as possible and check out what Girl Talk has to offer party lovers this time around!