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Glenn Frey is among the biggest names in music for the past four decades. He has been at the top of the musical chain as one of the founding member of the legendary Eagles and a solo performer. His music has transcended generations to remain as important and famous as it had always been which in truth is a testament to his talents. He is on a road trip one more time and you can catch him live for a soulful evening by buying Glenn Frey tickets.

Glenn Frey was born on 6th November, 1948 in the Motor City. As a youngster he had a lot of passions with music being one of them. He took to learning piano when he was just five years old. Rock Around the Clock shot to the top of the charts when Glenn was just seven years old and by the time the next year came the legendary Elvis Presley had become a global icon. That led him to taking Rock n Roll seriously aged sixteen only. In 1964, Glenn Frey was the iconic Beatles perform and he was so fascinated by them that he started learning how to play a guitar. He then went on to hone his skills by joining bands like the Mushrooms during his teen years to perform in and around Detroit. He then became a member of the band Four of Us after the Mushrooms split up. After a few more stints he decided to move out of Detroit and re-locate to California where he met John David Souther. It was him who taught Glenn the basic of country music. The duo then teamed up to form Longbranch Pennywhistle that toured around various clubs around without too much mainstream success.
On one such tour Glenn Frey met Don Henley who himself was a member of a band called Shiloh. They then teamed up and moved to Colorado and decided to call their band Eagles. Together the duo along with band members Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon went on to perform in front of David Geffen who then signed Eagles to his own record label Asylum Records. Now for the first time in their careers Glenn Frey and the Eagles had an opportunity to garner some mainstream commercial success. In 1972, they came up with their self-titled debut album which was a huge hit. The album was one of the biggest reasons country rock got through to the masses during that time.
It was a good start for them but they wanted to go much further than that so Glenn Frey and Don Henley started to write songs for the Desperado, their next album. It was a concept album and is regarded among the biggest hits of the 1970’s. 1975 turned their lives forever as it brought with it the release of One of These Nights which was their biggest success to date and followed that up with Hotel California which was to sell over sixteen million copies in the US only. Eagles garnered six Grammy Awards, five AMA and released six number one albums in total to become the great success story in music.
Just like all good things come to an end, Eagles broke up in 1980 and Glenn Frey went solo two years later with the hit No Fun Aloud. He then tries his hand at acting but music still was at the forefront of everything he did. 1985 brought the super-hit song The Heat is On and the blockbuster You Belong To the City. Glenn Frey then went on to headline the epic Hell Freezes Over tour which marked the return of the Eagles. A live album of that road trip was released the next year that went straight to the number one spot. Glenn has also now founded his own record lable Mission Records.
Glenn Frey has been there and has done it all. He is a legend in every sense of the word that has been at the top of the musical food chain simply because of his passion and dedication to work. Glenn’s career is a perfect blueprint of success, a shinning example for future musicians for generations to come. As he embarks on his latest tour, make sure you grab Glenn Frey tickets because it is simply too good an opportunity to ignore.

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