Global Dub Festival Flux Pavilion Tickets

Dubstep music, although being a relatively new form of electronic dance music, has started to enjoy massive fan following over just a small period of time. Dubstep music has its roots going back to Southern region of London, England, from where it emerged back in the late 90s. For over a decade now, a number of dubstep musicians from all parts of the world have emerged as the fans of electronic dance music have continually growing liking for this form of new genre. As compared to the usual electronic dance music, Dubstep is inclined more towards heavy bass lines, drumming patterns and at times even features vocals.
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Some of the earliest releases of dubstep music date back to 1998 and soon this funky, darker instrumental music became fan favorites at the various night clubs in London. The dubstep music started to grow its fan base even more after it was being promoted by a number of local supporters as well as various RJ’s on famous British radio channels. During 2005 and 2006, the popularity of this form of music started to grow immensely and it even crossed borders. It also gained massive popularity through promotion by a number of music magazines. As the popularity and appreciation for the genre started to grow, it made its way to United States as well, where currently it enjoys a good number of its followers. And just to cater the demands of the dubstep listeners in United States, Global Dub festival comes your way this year at the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. Featuring some of the finest dubstep acts from across the continent, Global Dub festival is one night that shouldn’t be missed at any cost if you happen to be a diehard fan of the genre.
The lineup of the event will be featuring some of the top names of the industry including Flux Pavilion, coming all way from where the genre originated. Global Dub Festival Flux Pavilion performance will surely quench the desire for true dubstep music for the listeners of the genre. Joshua Steele or Flux Pavilion happens to be a natural when it comes to dubstep. With his abilities as a producer combined with his abilities as a multi instrumentalist, results in a kind of music that has transcended his popularity in different parts of the world. Steele has had a flair for music from his early ages. He started learning and playing piano by the time he was six, and from there onwards he developed a deep affection towards making music as well as performing live. While taking his inspiration from the greats like Basement Jaxx, The Prodigy and Rusko, Steele was highly interested in making heavy and fast paced dance music that would make the listener release its madness on the dance floor. With that kind of inspiration in his mind, Steele started coming up with his own kind of dubstep music.  
With his natural production skills combined with extensive experimentation led to Steele transforming into a dubstep pioneer that we know today as Flux Pavilion. As his music started gaining popularity in local dubstep scenes, his popularity with regards to dubstep music, started to soar high. And later as his music had significant amount of fan following on its own, he sparked interest of various record labels that were becoming increasingly interested in unleashing his form of dubstep music to the world. While working with the artists such as Trolley Snatcha and Datsik, Flux Pavilion finally signed up with XS Records, Rottun, Shift, Dubmented Beats and Stupid. After signing up, Steele’s music started to enjoy even more fan following as his sound reached to a large pool of dubstep listeners. And as his fame grew larger, he was seen performing live in various venues all across Europe.
For limited time only, Flux Pavilion joins forces with Doctor P, Downlink, Dirtyloud and Datsik to bring you the ultimate dubstep experience at the Global Dub Festival at Red Rocks Amphitheater. So get your Global Dub Festival Flux Pavilion tickets today. 

Global Dub Festival Flux Pavilion tickets are an offering that take all bass lovers over the Rockies and over the moon. A presentation of the Global Dance Music, Global Dub Festival Flux Pavilion stages a feature presentation by the renowned bass star Flux Pavilion.  Global Dub Festival Flux Pavilion is the chance to see Pavilion star as a headlining act in one of the biggest and loudest bass music festivals to date. Global Dub Festival Flux Pavilion tickets offer the unbounded fun of experiencing ear drumming and thorough Pavilion’s signature and truly epic dubstep. These rhythms and patterns are truly melodious and electrifying ready to help transcend higher and higher and intensify every sound wave entering the ear.
Global Dub Festival Flux Pavilion brings Joshua Steele or Flux Pavilion a one-man orchestra who has clearly become one of the most celebrated names of dubstep. This professional English dubstep DJ and producer steers Circus Record. Alongside pros like Doctor P, DJ Swan-E, Dysproa and Earl Falconer this recording label became his life-long dream come true. Prior to Flux Pavilion acing mainstream, he decided to pursue as a self sustaining career. Imprints of music from Rusko, Prodigy and Basement Jaxx heightened Pavilion's madness for dance and other genres. The form of dubstep allowed him to cast everything on hand into smashing dance music.
Flux Pavilion was a music prodigy; at the age of six his ability to play the piano spoke volumes of his talent. With time his talent polished and he evolved into a natural born singer and instrumentalist whose command over compositions and play was unsurpassed. Music was innate to him and whatever he played or composed was harmonious, coherent and flowing. Before any big label came forward to project Flux Pavilion as the new dubstep icon; he was ready to launch his music and hit the stands himself. Realizing and using his production skills, he won acknowledgement for all his tunes began played here, there and everywhere. The Flux Pavilion blocks stirred interest amongst contemporaries and producers.  Experimentation with fusion led him all the way to his trademark dubstep sound, winning him acclaim for Fucking Noise and Meathead.
Flux Pavilion’s music had great outlook and outreach that escorted him to DJs across UK and Europe. In a matter of months clubbing fans entered a never ending Flux Pavilion trance of dance and banging. Labels in waiting namely Rottun, Shift, XS Records, Stupid Fly and Dubmented Beats shelled him under their umbrella for their respective releases. There was no stopping to Flux Pavilion now; he collaborated with names like Datsik and Trolley Snatcha, scooping away most of what the big names in dubstep owed.
It was the year 2011 when Flux Pavilion’s track Bass Cannon peaked at number fifty six on the UK Singles Chart and took R&B radio stations by storm. Voscillate a track that he lead his vocals to received the Track of the Week  title on Rusko's Radio One Takeover. Things gained momentum following from Flux Pavilion release of his compilation album Circus One. The album featured four tracks by him that won huge public acclaim and appreciation. Late summer that year I Can't Stop received World record of the week  from Radio 1’s Zane Lowe for smashing charts all over.
Flux Pavilion’s fame and following rose every night when his music resonated almost every night club across Europe. Flux Pavilion became global phenomenon when clubs all over the world booked him night after night for performances in designated or bigger venues, allowing more and more fans to come and immerse in the magic of Flux Pavilion dubstep. Global Dub Festival marks the coming of the first time staging of a Dub Festival and especially Flux Pavilion across the mountain country. Global Dub Festival Flux Pavilion tickets grant an entry to the world of live dubstep. For a night loaded with smashing Flux anthems, Flux banging and Flux dancing; Global Dub Festival Flux Pavilion is a natural stop.
Having performed almost across the globe, Flux Pavilion arrives at the Global Dub Festival Flux Pavilion show very soon. This show will allow all dubstep fans to watch and be a part of frenzy of his trademark dubstep. Ready to entrance every holder, Global Dub Festival Flux Pavilion tickets entangles fans in a perplexed set of high bass and drums. The event will showcase Pavilion in his famed high energy mood, delivering adrenaline rushing performances that will surely not disappoint. Avail Global Dub Festival Flux Pavilion tickets to obtain the chance of experiencing this dubstep icon upfront. Enjoy!