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The Bad Boys of Boston plan to sizzle your summer by dancing around the flames ignited by energetic rock and roll music this year! Aerosmith has recently announced 2012 Global Warming Tour and plans to entertain its fans in 18 cities. It has been thirty years since the band joined the industry and is still being appreciated for its amazing music. The members have been called Icons, Legends and Idols by their peers and intend to continue with their stellar career.

‘America’s Greatest Rock And Roll Band’ has big plans for this summer season! Melodies with the elements of blues, heavy metal and pop will be accompanied by quality hard rock music. The band will share the stage of 2012 Aerosmith Global Warming Tour with the well known American rock group Cheap Trick. Singles like ‘I don’t Wanna Miss a thing’, ‘Eat the Rich’, ‘Livin on the Edge’, ‘Southern Girls’, ‘So Good to See You’ and others that have secured top positions on the Billboard Charts for long will be performed together on one platform.
These thirty years for both the bands have been glorious as far as their musical career is concerned. Aerosmith has released fourteen studio albums and in each passing era it has contributed with incredible singles that made the band’s standing stronger and added to its fame. They are known to be as innovative and fresh as they sounded at the start of their career. It has sold over 150 million albums around the world and holds a record for being among the American groups with the most number of Gold and Multi Platinum certified albums. It is also an inductee on the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and ensures to maintain its sound quality to see another thirty years of glorious music ahead. ┬áSince Aerosmith tour 2012 is featuring Cheap Trick this year, it brings back the memory of the mid 2000s when the most desired concert with the band was cancelled due to some inevitable issues. Aerosmith is making up for that mishap this year and that too with additional hits that came over the years from 2005 till 2012.
The buzz of Global Warming Tour does not revolve around Aerosmith only, Cheap Trick’s fame play an important role as well. The group is ranked at 25th position among the 100 Greatest Artists of All Times by VH1. It has released 17 studio albums so far and its unusual sound is accredited to the use of vintage guitars and basses. The influence of well known bands such as ‘Guns and Roses’ and ‘Motley Crue’, has always encouraged it to keep experimenting with its sounds all the while maintaining quality. It turn, its music is also taken as an inspiration by famous groups such as Green day, Pearl jam, Sound garden, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and others. Cheap Trick’s musical career is highlighted by constant touring. When it comes to rock music, fans from around the world look forward to Cheap Trick Tour in particular.
Global Warming Tour will combine the music of two bands that are benchmarked for pop and rock music. This year with a single purchase of Global Warming Tour tickets, you would actually be buying tickets to Aerosmith Tour and Cheap Trick Tour in one go. The concerts that are considered to be the most anticipated events of the year will be conducted on the same stage!
This news is no less than a treat for pop and rock music lovers. They will be entertained with melodies from three eras for both the genres. Aerosmith’s latest album release was Honkin On Bobo in 2006 and Cheap Trick came up with The Latest in 2009. The tour will feature most of the latest singles along with the old hot hits that have ruled the genres over the decades. This summer season get ready for the thrill and buy your Global Warming Tour tickets now!

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