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Googoosh is an Iranian pop icon, a world famous singer and actress who has been active since 1953 in the international music scene. Renowned as the Queen of Persian Pop, she has been performing regularly in the US after the ban on female singers in Iran and has had a huge fan following in the States, many of who instantly grab Googoosh tickets the moment one of her live concerts is announced. After debuting on the music scene in 1953, she began actively performing until 1979. After that, she went on a hiatus following the Iran ban on female singers, and returned to the live arena in 2000. Since then, she has been highly active and has released music through a number of record labels including Avang Records, MZM Records, Caltex Records, Taraneh Record and Pars Video.

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Not only has Googoosh reigned supreme over the Persian Pop music scene but she has also had a highly successful career in the film industry from the fifties onwards to the seventies. She rose to fame in the fifties and by seventies; she had become the most famous female pop star in Central Asia and the Middle East. She became a symbol of national pride to the Iranian people. However, in 1979, after the Iranian Revolution, a ban on female singers was put in place but she still stayed in Iran. Even then, her following grew rapidly and she gained fans amongst the newer generation. Residing today in Beverly Crest, she continues to gather fans to her music.
At a young age, Googoosh grew fond of music and began doing impersonations of the famous Persian singers of the time. Her father saw her perform and encouraged her, enabling her to perform on the stage and kicking off her career. After the Iranian Revolution, she stayed in Iran unlike other pop stars. Her music, despite her not performing live, grew even more popular and she gained more fans. In 2000, a documentary on her was released and she soon began performing live with concerts in many parts of world.
In 2009, Googoosh performed in Dubai and was seen live by thousands of Iranians who came to Dubai simply to see her live. She also began participating in politics, protesting against the President’s controversial election and campaigning for the release of protestors who had been imprisoned. During this time, she delivered an emotional speech campaigning for this. In 2010, she performed live in Iraq and Iran’s Kurdish in a concert that was attended by tens of thousands of Iranians from all over Iran and other parts of the world. It was an iconic moment, one of the greatest concerts in the region for a long time. 
Googoosh has continued touring, performing concerts over the world with thousands buying Googoosh tickets to see her perform live. In 2011, she also launched her own cosmetics collection and also performed live in Los Angeles at the Nokia Theatre in what was hailed as a legendary concert by many reviewers. She has won many awards over the course of her career including a Cannes golden record and first prize, Carthage Music Festival winner, the first ever Medal of Arts in Tunisia, Best Actress Award from the Sepas Film Festival and the Best Artists of the Year Award from the San Remo Music Festival. With so many awards to her name and a fame few in the Middle East and Central Asia can challenge, she is truly a living legend.

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