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Originally named as Wouter Wally De Backer, you know this guy with his stage name Gotye. Born on May 21st, 1980 this Belgian-Australian man is not only a talented singer but also a famous songwriter and multi-instrumental musician as well. His stage name is derived from the French word Gaultier that is known as Wouter in English. His music style is very famous among fans and is often compared with the work s of Peter Gabriel as well as Sting.
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All of his albums have been huge hit among fans. There is no chance that you will get bored with his music. He has released a total of three studio albums up till now out of which two area original and third one comprises of remixed songs from the other two albums. A winner of 5 ARIA Awards as well as the nominee of the MTV EMA for Best Asia and Pacific Act, Gotye has been giving a great time to its fans. He is a fine player of guitar, drums, percussion along with keyboards and synthesizer.
Entertaining his fans since 2001 he has worked with record labels like Independent, Inertia, Samples 'n' Seconds, Lucky Number and Eleven. He has done associated acts with artists like The Basics and Kimbra. He released his debut album with the title Boardface in 2003, Like Drawing Blood in 2006 and later on he released his third album Making Mirrors in 2011. At the upcoming concert of Gotye you can enjoy your time listening to his old as well as some of the most exciting new songs as well.
Watching him singing live on stage for you is something you cannot experience every day. So don’t miss out your chance when you get to know that he is performing somewhere near your town. His outstanding songs such as Someone I used to Know, Eyes Wide Open and I Feel Better are going to sound even more enchanting to you live, because recordings can never be that interesting. With the exceptional skills and them sot entrancing voice Gotye is going to give you the most unforgettable time of your life.
Full of exciting music and music lovers, venue for Gotye’s performances are always spilling over with fans. Sing along with Gotye right here in you town only by getting your share of Gotye tickets as soon as you can. When he is expected to hit the stage, tickets are seen selling too fast. After the success of Boardface he released his second album Like Drawing Blood in 2006.
With Wally De Backer all the songs of this album was assembled and Franc Tetaz did the mastering of this album. The album was broadly covered by Triple J during 2006 and also got a nomination for a J Award as well. Songs like Learnalilgivinanlovin and Hearts a Mess from this album were charted on Triple J Hottest 100 in 2006 on number 94 and 8 respectively. This album Like Drawing Blood also secured a position at number one during 2006 on Triple J Album Poll for being the best album of the year. Its songs like The Only Way, Hearts a Mess and Coming Back as well as Thanks for Your Time got really famous among music lovers. Their album Making Mirrors is their recent work and it was released on 19th August, 2011. It was voted as by the listeners of Triple J as the No 1 album of 2011.
The super hit from this album Somebody That I Used to Know hit the charts all over the world. Its other songs like Easy Way Out, and Smoke and Mirrors also got really famous among fans. Covering the genre of indie rock, indie pop and experimental rock this album was produced by Keith Uddin. Don’t waste any more time in thinking now because Gotye tickets are always sold like hot cakes. To see this talented star performing live in stage get your Gotye tickets today!

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