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Some who has been regarded as ‘the voice of a generation’ is surely no less of a legend. Greg Lake is one of the most prominent musicians in the world and is also known for being an excellent music producer. It was his work with Crimson King, formed with Robert Fripp, that he got his mainstream fame. He acted as the lead vocalist, music producer and also the bass guitarist of the group. The progressive rock music that Crimson King produced became a pioneer for several young and famous rock bands including ‘Genesis’, ‘Yes’ and ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers’. As for his live performances, only a real Greg Lake fan knows what value do Greg Lake tickets hold and they make sure they posses them as they come out with the announcement of a live concert.  

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Fripp and Lake came together while learning guitar from the same teacher who introduced them to a huge other world of music and helped them to develop their tastes so much that Greg Lake listened to everything; from classical to American rock n roll. The two formed a group and together set off on a road to success. His debut album with Crimson King was In the Court of the Crimson King and it featured a song, “21st Century Schizoid Man” that became an icon of music. While on a North American Tour, Greg Lake met Keith Emerson, another music legend. The two formed an instant bond because of their similar musical influences and a challenging nature. On his return, he got together with Emerson and drummer from Atomic Rooster, Carl Palmer. They formed Emerson, Lake and Palmer soon afterwards. The union of these three proved successful and their live performances came out as a unique collaboration of music and imagination. The world started looking at the trio as a ‘super group’ right with their very first performance at the Isle of Wight Festival which was exceptional. The band’s debut album came out in 1971 and went platinum. The album featured a hit single, “Lucky Man” which Lake had written in school age. With ELP, Lake experienced immense success with his albums selling in millions and his live concerts selling out.  
Later in the years, Greg Lake and other members from ELP pursued their solo careers, of which Lake’s was the most notable. King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Greg Lake in Concert, Manoeuvers and Greg Lake are the most successful solo albums of his. The popularity he received with ELP was carried forward in his solo career where he shone equally well. He continued to create and recreate his style in music, forming partnerships and giving sold-out solo performances. His work with ELP and as a solo artist won him worldwide fame and he continues to record excellent music and give super-hit live tours. Moreover, he collaborated with numerous artists and bands over the year and resultantly gave some smashing hits.  
No matter what project Greg Lake picked up, he succeeded in it as he brought something new for his fans every time. Whether it was his music, his productions, songwriting or instrument playing, he proved groundbreaking in every one of them. Everything Lake touched turned into gold. Taking his instrument playing, he introduced a totally new and unique style. He considers himself both a guitarist and a bass player, giving the reason that his influences like Sting and Paul McCartney did the same. Even more than that, Lake excels acoustic guitars. In addition, live performances of this brilliant artist are a whole new exciting business other than his recorded music. His vocals have been regarded as charismatic, angelic and extraordinary. So one can only imagine how delightful listening to him live would feel like. And so Greg Lake tickets are always selling out like crazy among his fans that cannot miss out on even a single chance to watch him perform live. In return, they get a memorable evening.  

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