Hall And Oates Tickets

That musical act of Hall and Oates continue to amaze music fans all over the country as the duo’s zeal for rock and soul music has not lessened an iota over the last three decades. If you’ve never heard live music, then it will definitely be a good decision to start with this dynamic act. Get your Hall and Oates tickets and enjoy the thrilling and passionate ambience at their live concert, which will surely become one of your most exhilarating memories.

Daryl Hall was born on October 11, 1946 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. John William Oates arrived in this world three years later on April 7 in New York City, New York. The meeting of these two charismatic men is worth citing here: They met in a service elevator in which they were taking refuge from gun fire happening between rival gangs. They were at that particular venue for a band competition representing their bands. Hall was leading “the Temptones” whereas Oates was the front man for “the Masters.” As they had a lot of time in their hands stuck in the service elevator and afraid of going out because of the gunfire, they ended up sharing their interests and personal histories. To their mutual surprise, Hall and Oates learned that they both went to the Temple University in Philadelphia, and that they perceived music similarly.
Although Hall and Oates had similar ideas about composing music, the duo didn’t get together seriously until the 1970s. Then, they signed up with Atlanta Records and sat down to write some glorious music. Unfortunately, they encountered a roadblock as they had difficulty in deciding on their sound. Alternating between rock, folk, soul, and pop, their first three albums failed to garner success from both critics and listeners. Only one song titled “She’s Gone” from their third album “War Babies” in 1974 achieved some recognition.
Hall and Oates switched to RCA Records after the lukewarm response to their first three albums. The debut album with the new record company, “Daryl Hall & John Oates,” succeeded in gaining attention with beautiful songs like the hit ballad “Sara Smile.” Sara Smile” reached the number four position on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. The second album, “Bigger than Both of Us,” in 1976 received a not too warm response but gained success after the incredible reception garnered by its second single “Rich Girl;” It was the first song by the duo to reach the number one slot. However, the next albums such as “Beauty on Back Street” and “Along the Red Ledge” were just mildly successful.
The tides were eventually turned and stardom finally achieved with the release of the album “Voices.” The album was self-produced to avoid outside interference and fared tremendously well with its third single “Kiss My List” reaching the number one position. 1981’s “Private Eyes” was the first album of Hall and Oates to reach the prestigious Billboard 200 Chart. Success was now welcoming the duo with open arms, and with the release of “H2O” in 1982, it became one of the most popular pop music acts in the United States. The two men became a household name with ultimate hits like “Maneater,” which stayed on the number one position for four weeks. By 1984, the duo had a total of nineteen platinum and gold albums up its sleeves. “Big Bam Boom” earned the act more distinction with the number one single “Out of Touch.”
The duo went on a hiatus as Hall wanted to explore his solo projects; however, he failed to garner success. The two men got together in 1988 and released “Ooh Yeah!” that reached the platinum status. The duo still work together, tour and compose albums. These men are known for firing the stage with their vibrancy and passion. Get your Hall and Oates tickets and relive the glory of the 80s.