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The winner of multiple prestigious awards like Grammy Award, Academy of Country Music Award, Country Music Association Award, Emmy Award, plus countless others, Hank Williams Jr. is a second generation country musician! A son of one of the greatest country music singers of all time, Hank Williams, Williams himself has made a name for himself as a first-class singer-songwriter of country rock, southern rock, and outlaw country music genres. A multi-instrumentalist, Williams has released 50 studio albums, most of them being certified platinum or gold records. The man, who blends the country music with blues and southern rock, is a delight to watch live in person. Buy your Hank Williams Jr. tickets today for the greatest country music concert of 2012!

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Williams is from Louisiana and as mentioned above, is a son of Hank Williams, one of the pioneers of country music in the United States. He was still very young when his father passed away. He was raised by his mother. Country musicians of stature used to visit his family regularly, teaching him how to play various music instruments and in multiple styles. Williams, who would later play various instruments like piano, drums, Dobro, saxophone, fiddle, harmonica, keyboards, banjo, steel guitar, upright bass, bass guitar, and lead guitar, learned from these guest musicians. Those who influenced him highly during his early years were those who were friends of his father like Jerry Lee Lewis, Earl Scruggs, Fats Domino, and Johnny Cash. Hank Williams Jr. was trained by the very best!

As a kid, Hank Williams Jr. would get up on the stage, dressed up like his father and sing his songs. It is said that he was only eight years old when he made his stage debut singing one of his father’s most famous songs, “Long Gone Lonesome Blues”. But critics are of the view that his career in those days was all about impersonating his father. That he lacked his own identity and that it was his mother who steered his career, rather than Williams charting his own course. Critics further note that his mother was also the driving force behind his father’s rise to fame and wanted her son to follow in his father’s footsteps. This was certainly true of Williams’s career, beginning in the late 1950s to mid-1970s, however things started to change once he moved out of the shadow of his mother.

Williams’s career in the mid-1970’s started to move in a more positive and progressive direction when he started to collaborate with other great musicians. Now Hank Williams Jr. was regularly working with big names like Charlie Daniels, Toy Caldwell, Waylon Jennings, and Jake Lovendahl. However, as his career had started to take off he almost died in an accident in 1975. So serious was the accident that it took his face over two years to be reconstructed and his present signature style involving sunglasses, hat, and a beard are there to hide his facial disfigurement. However, a different Williams arose from that tragic accident and albums like Hog Wild, Maverick, Born to Boogie, Hank Live, Major Moves, The Pressure Is On, Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound, plus others, were all recorded and released post-1975 accident.

He has enjoyed such immense success after his accident that between the years 1979-1992, Williams released 21 albums; all of them at least certified gold records by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Hottest chart-busting country songs of Williams like “My Name Is Bocephus”, “Born to Boogie”, “Ain’t Misbehavin’”, Old Habits”, “Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound”, and “Family Tradition” are all from this era. Hank Williams Jr. has been active lately as well and some of his latest songs are “All the Roads”, “Farm Song”, “Red White & Pink-Slip Blues”, “A Country Boy Can Survive (25th Anniversary Remix)”, “That’s How They Do It in Dixie”, and many more are still ruling the charts.

Williams is about to perform his best concert of all time in your hometown! Be sure to catch him live in action as he sounds even better while performing live. Those who have been to his concerts just can never get enough of him; he has such stage presence! So to enjoy the country music at its best, buy your Hank Williams Jr. tickets now!

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