Hot 923 Old School Lisa Lisa Tickets

Hot 92.3 Old School presents  Hot 92.3 Old School Lisa Lisa tickets; an opportunity to see a  dimming star shine again. Hot 92.3 Old School  Lisa Lisa tickets bring the simply glorious diva of Latin dance pop. Hot 92.3 Old School Lisa Lisa will be memorable showcase of best and latest efforts celebrating the artist, the star and diva she is.

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Hot 92.3 Old School Lisa Lisa pays homage to Lisa Lisa as an icon of Latin music. She hails from NY’s dance and clubbing scene to become a Latin rhythm diva. Having contributing tremendously towards the recognition of Latin music on the international front; Lisa Lisa became a powerhouse of Latin hip-hop, dance, pop and rhythm; who inspired super stars of today. The names Gloria Estefan and Selena Gomez cover an era of Latin dance music that remains heavily influenced by the works of Lisa Lisa and many other artists of the eighties. 
Lisa Lisa’s Puerto Rican nativity blended well with the influences of East Coast’s hip-hop and dance culture.  Realizing her talent and potential she escorted herself in her adolescent years to production houses. Winning appreciation and support from names like Utfo and Roxanne she also derived the need to form a band. Hence came Cult Jam, an urban contemporary outfit that spawned the airwaves of eighties as the pioneer of freestyle music. The band ran for six years rose as world's most successful hip-hop dance outfits.
Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam gave meaning and their own definition of music that was very well received. I Wonder If I Take You Home was a debut release that won the band a jackpot. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam became the band’s first album, that too under Columbia. All Cried out  made the album platinum. Spanish Fly, followed in the same direction, winning similar commercial success with an RIAA platinum certification. Singles from the album Head to Toe and Lost Emotion earned the band international recognition and Lisa Lisa the status of a celebrated star.
In 1991 Straight Outta Hell's Kitchen was able to capture the evolving R&B feel and funky side of the group. Let the Beat Hit 'em, and Love Will Get Us By, meet fan’s expectations really well. Via this effort Lisa Lisa proved her versatility as a vocalist. Tracks Where Were You When I Needed You and Don't Say Goodbye, Every Girl, All Cried Out, You + Me = Love and Sensuality allowed her to exhibit command over everything to freestyle to soft sensual music. Once detached from the Cult Jam Lisa Lisa discovered dimensions of interest that remained overshadowed by the band’s inclination towards free style music.
Lisa Lisa’s experimental nature and side emerged and started nurturing as she ventured solo into rap vocalization as a Latin hip-hop act. In 1994, she debuted solo with LL77, lending her emotional yet mature side to music. The sensual and deeply touching songs of this album include When I Fell In Love, Skip to My Lu, Covers  and Acid Rain. Two more commendable songs When i fell in love and why can't lovers were re-recorded in collaboration with Nona Hendryx. LL77 is a solo effort that made Lisa Lisa a diva who has great energy and courage to experiment and create edgy yet self-assured music. Her solo side was cemented as rather direct and aggressive in disposition.
After the release of the debut solo effort Lisa Lisa her presence in mainstream music became subdued. It is assumed that due to rise of other music forms in the nineties, dance and latin hip hpp became recluse and Lisa Lisa cloistered not to emerge as a music star until, 2009. Life 'n Love, a full length album became Lisa Lisa’s reflection on music today. A single from this album that won recognition was Can't Wait I featuring rapper Pitbull. Through this album Lisa Lisa has proven herself as a legendary Latin and dance music diva. Infusing everything from rap to hip-hop, dance, pop and rock beautifully she recreated herself as a star, who is ready to shine again.
Hot 92.3 Old School Lisa Lisa tickets present Lisa Lisa in a live concert for all those who have been missing her.  Hot 92.3 Old School Lisa Lisa will showcase her alongside other hip-hop stars. Staging the best song and dance of the Cult Jam days, LL7 and Life’n Love; Hot 92.3 Old School Lisa Lisa will have everything a Lisa Lisa fan can ask for. Hot 92.3 Old School Lisa Lisa tickets are on sale. Avail them before they are gone.