Hot 97 Summer Jam Tickets

Hot 97 Summer Jam tickets bring the annual celebration of hip hop at the Summer Jam; a festival that plays live hip hop like none other. East Rutherford, New Jersey is the home of Summer Jam that plays host to this super de duper festival each June. Sponsored by Hot 97FM, a predominant R&B and hip-hop radio station based in NY; the Hot 97 Summer Jam is a hot favorite for hip-hop lovers. It lets hem envisage the sensational new and timeless offerings of mainstream R&B and hip-hop acts. The festival aims to support and promote the freshest talent and the most potent arrivals on the block.

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Hot 97 Summer Jam continues to revive the spirit and colors of the inaugural Summer Jam Festival 2004. It was inspired by a hip-hop concert effort of the KKBT radio station, LA . The event took place every year during the nineties. Once KKBT changed formats of conduct, it came to an end. Almost a decade later the Summer Jam came in as a rendition more suited to the thriving R&B, hip- scene of the times. From a mere multi-act live concert parcel the Summer Jam developed into a multifaceted event. Each year it became bigger and better with more attractions, consequently bringing more spectators and more sponsorship; allowing for the expansion of the format and scale of this festival. Not to forget is the great acclaim won by the 2010 Summer Jam concert. This event became a huge success and was tagged as the biggest hip hop concert in the world. Since then all Summer Jam commencements target similar or better stagings.
From the very beginning the Summer Jam aimed at making and evolving into an interactive experience with varying concert options for hip-hop lovers. More importantly to suit the palate of these fans, there was a need for fillers like food, fun activities and ancillary attractions. All these were to make the Summer Jam a festival that readily celebrated the spirit of R&B and manifested its character in every way. With time Summer Jam expanded manifold in various direction. A loaded line-up, sponsored elements and activities for all attendees and instant fun rewards made the Summer Jam one of the hottest live hip hop entertainment offer of the year. With these attractions and much more to experience on ground, Summer Jam attracts more than fifteen thousand visitors. Hot 97 Summer Jam anticipates a higher turnout this time!
Hot 97 Summer Jam festival has ample offerings and attractions to all its visitors. The main attraction remains the line-up for the pre-Show Summer Jam Festival Village Stage. The acts to be staged here include Pusha T, Kendrick Lamar, School Boy Q and Big Krit. This line-up will get more aggressive as the event nears commencement. Other exciting activities include the annual Boost Mobile MC Battle. Hot 97 autographs and photos with RJ’s will come to ligfe with Hot 97 air personality schedule and appearances. This will bring the stations biggest jockeys, making special appearances on behalf of  Hot 97. This would be the best chance have a date with one’s best jockey live and upfront. Hot 97 Summer Jam’s Fan Nation Station will consistently gauge the event for the quality of conduct and will be open for feedback.
The element of interactive has been incorporate into the Hot 97 Summer Jam festival quiet creatively. Alongside many other ongoing activity elements, contests, product rewards and giveaways, a few sub-events will be introduced. They have been designed and appropriate ambiance has been created to allow fans to experience Hot 97 Summer Jam like never before. The Summer Jam Challenge is one highlight that will prove an indulgent gaming experience of all gaming fans plus an exclusive take home prize. Another one is the Summer Jam Immerse in Ink, a tattoo saloon specially erected to put Summer Jam logo tattoos on Hot 97 Summer Jam fans. Hot 97 Summer Jam’s Extreme Entrance is a total fan thing that lets them make a grand entrance with their favorite Hip Hop Superstar. Via this entrance the participants meet their favorite star and are filmed when they make and entrance on stage.
This festival is truly vibrant and colorful offering sights and sounds that no other live R&B/hip hop entertainment has. To please die hard hip-hop lover inside avail the chance to become a part of the Hot 97 Sumer Jam. Hot 97 Summer Jam tickets are selling fast, purchase them before they are gone.