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Buy Huey Lewis and the News and Joe Cocker tickets and get a chance to see two of the most renowned artists in blues and rock music. To find out when they will be touring together, check out the Huey Lewis schedule.

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Joe Cocker is perhaps one of the most celebrated blues and rock singers alive today. At age 67, he has had a long and successful career during which he has received several awards, sung several hits, and has battled through health problems, yet still continues to perform and play shows. As he comes from Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire, some also call him “The Sheffield Soul Shooter” for his signature gritty voice, with a growl and a soul unique only to him, and his arm movements when he performs that are peculiar, but are instantly associated with his image. Joe Crocker truly is a living legend.
Crocker is also known for singing songs by The Beatles. In fact, his debut single was a cover of one of their songs, “I’ll Cry Instead”. On this track, Jimmy Page played the guitars. He also had some amount of success with his song “Marjorine”. But what truly made Joe Cocker an unforgettable name was his arrangement of yet another Beatles’ song, “With a Little Help From My Friends”, which arguably remains one of his best singles to date. When it came out, it was used on “The Wonder Years” as its opening theme.
In his early days, and on his first trip to the US, Cocker’s favorite place to play at was the Woodstock Festival. He was playing with what he called the Grease Band. This consisted of Henry McCullough as the lead guitarist, someone who would go onto play for Paul McCartney’s band, Wings. At the Woodstock festival, they played a number of songs, including “With a Little Help From My Friends”, “Let’s Go Get Stoned”, “Something’s Comin’ On”, “I Shall Be Released”, and “Delta Lady”.
When he was releasing his follow up album, members of The Beatles, George Harrison and Paul McCartney had heard some of the covers he had done and they were so impressed that they allowed him to put in “Something” and “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window” as part of his album. Later on, Cocker appeared in the movie, “Across the Universe” on yet another Beatles’ track, “Come Together”.
Joining Joe Cocker on the show will be the rock band from San Francisco, California, Huey Lewis and the News. Like Cocker, this band is also of the blue and rock genre that became famous during the 80s when they release a number of hit songs. 19 of their songs managed to chart in the top 10. Their most successful album was called “Sports” which was number one on most charts. At this time, they were also becoming really famous because of their music videos. Their single, “The Power of Love” was used in the movie “Back to the Future” and this is what gave them worldwide attention. The song was so popular that it was a number one on various charts for a very long time, and it even received an Academy Award nomination. Amongst their other popular songs are “I Want a New Drug”, “If This Is It”, “The Heart of Rock n Roll”, “Jacob’s Ladder” and “Stuck With You”.
To this date, the band has not stopped performing and touring, which became evident when the Huey Lewis schedule for yet another concert tour was released.  They play approximately 70 shows per year. To celebrate their 25 years as a band, Huey Lewis and the News recorded “Live at 25”, a live album.
Amongst some of the historic Huey Lewis schedules for their concerts is their tour with the band Chicago in 2006. The two bands fed off of each other all the way through, notably when Bill Champlin played with Huey Lewis and the News, and when they played on their track “I’m a Man” in turn. They also sang “Color My Wind” with them.
Two catch the two talented performers live on one platform, get your Huey Lewis and the News and Joe Cocker tickets as soon as possible. Surely, two very talented musicians are teaming up for a show that fans of rock and roll would want to be a part of.

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