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Originating from San Francisco in California, Huey Lewis News is a rock band which kicked off with their professional career in 1979 and is performing until now. The band is known the most for their golden years of 80s and 90s where they produced 19 singles which made it to the top ten numbers in Billboard Hot 100 chart and other mainstream rock ranking charts within the United States. The band got much of their support from the videos they produced at the time. They became one of the most repeated MTV videos of that time. Huey Lewis News tickets were hard to get hands on back then and so are they now.

Huey Lewis News has command over music genres like blues rock, blue eyed soul, and pop rock. One of the songs of Huey Lewis News was used as the title song of the movie ‘Back to the Future’. The single “The Power of Love” reached number one position in almost all ranking charts and also received the first ever nomination at the Academy Awards for the band. The song turned them into international celebrities and the band started carrying out international tours.
Current band members of Huey Lewis News comprise of Johnnie Bamont, Stef Burns, Sean Hopper, Huey Lewis, John Pierce, Rob Sudduth, Johnny Colla, Marvin McFadden, and Bill Gibson. The founding members of the band, Sean Hopper and Huey Lewis, met for the first time in the band they started to play, Clover, in the early 70s. The only competition Clover was facing in the genre of rock music during that era was another band by the name Soundhole which consisted of Jonny Colla, Bill Gibson, Mario Cipollina and others. Both the bands had gained some level of success in their initial time by becoming background singer for some of the established bands of that era. It was until the late 70s that Lewis started to work on a band of his own by inviting members from his band as well as some from their competitor’s band and formed the now known as Huey Lewis News. He also got the band their first contract with a recording label by the name Phonogram Records.
The band faced some troubles for the initial phase where their first album did not get the expected response and band has to move to another recording label. They also had to change their name from Huey Lewis and the American Express to Huey Lewis and the News as the already existing company of American Express had filed a case against the band.
As soon as the era of 80s kicked in, it brought good news for the Huey Lewis News. Although their first album release with the new recording label was not good either but they came back with another one in 1982 by the title Picture This and the album received gold certification in no time. One of the songs of the album “Do You Believe In Love” was on fire as soon as it was released. Other songs gaining significant amount of popularity included “Working for A Livin’”and “Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Love Me”. The album remained on the Billboard 200 for 35 weeks and stood at number 13 position.
The third album of Huey Lewis News, Sports, got the band their deserved breakthrough. The album started off with number six in a bunch of ranking charts but soon aced put to the number one position and sold multi-platinum albums all over the globe with 10 million sold only within the United States. Song which scored positions in top ten ranking charts include “If That Is It”, “I Want a New Drug”, “Heart and Soul”, and “The Heart of Rock and Roll”. Here is the chance for all fans out there to grab their Huey Lewis News tickets right now and enjoy the rock performance of the original rock band.

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