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This summer, in the sea of many other concert series and festivals will emerge yet another production that is bridging the gap between touring shows and music festivals. This is the Identity Music Festival, a touring show dedicated to electronic music alone. This festival will visit all of the major venues and cities around the US throughout the summer and incorporate the electronic music sounds from around the states. As of now, there are 20 dates that are absolutely confirmed. Top notch artists and performers have been booked to perform in each show. Every show is scheduled so that it starts off in the afternoon and goes on into the evening. Although the major artists for most of the shows have already been announced, other performers for the individual shows are to be revealed soon as well. Until then, make sure you get hold of Identity Music Festival tickets to find out what this fresh new show is all about.

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Amongst the artists that were confirmed the earliest are the acts that are helping in defining electronic music at the moment. These are The Disco Biscuits, Holy Ghost, the dubstep DJs Avicii, Skrillex and Rusko, Pretty Lights, Steve Aoki, Kaskade, Booka Shade and Aeroplane amongst a list of other up and coming artists. The production will be pairing up the already established acts with the relatively newer ones to last the event the whole day. The Identity Music Festival will be touring with a top notch electronic music system that is ideal for all the amphitheatres around the US. This will help for more extravagant performances with a fuller sound that caters to the electronic music genre, doing it justice. The Identity Music Festivals tickets will be sold for a different line of performers for each city, although it has been rumored that a few core performers from the headlining acts will be the same for the entire tour.
The Identity Music Festival is one, and perhaps the foremost of its kind. No other music festival before has attempted to tour around the nation. In fact, it has started a new trend. When the news of its existence first hit the papers, it inspired many other festival productions to follow in its footsteps. A similar festival tour, “Dave Matthews Band’s Caravan” was announced for the summer as well. In any case, the Identity Music Festival has given a platform to DJs and mixers to perform in the same fashion that pop and rock stars do. It has also captured the audience that does not get as many music festivals in their locality and given them a chance to be a part of the electronic music movement. Moreover, the festival has formed something like a partnership with Beatport, which is the not only the country’s, but the entire world’s biggest DJ music store.
Even though the Identity Music Festival is being applauded for being one of its kinds, this does not mean that it is without competition. In New York, it will have to compete with their “NY Festival Electric Zoo”, which has already hosted a number of shows and established its market. Although, fans who have been to both shows have admitted that they will be more willing to pay for Identity Music Festival tickets because it has a better lineup, more exciting performances, and a better quality music system.
With their increase in success, they have announced a few more big names that will be joining them on tour. These are Wolfgang, Porter Robinson, Excision, Nero DJ Set, Madeon, Arty, Paul Van Dyk, Noisia, Doctor P, Showtek, and Eric Prydz. It has been particularly exciting for the fans that Eric Prydz will be part of the Identity Music Festival, especially because it is known that he does not travel or tour around the US.
The Identity Music Festival tickets have been announced and confirmed for the following cities: Cincinnati, Miami, Detroit, San Diego, Toronto, Washington D.C., Tampa, Phoenix, Atlanta, Boston, San Diego, Houston, San Francisco, Tampa, Wantagh, Dallas and Philadelphia.
Amongst the lineup is Wolfgang Gartner, who believes in making the kind of music people have never heard before. He has worked with the Black Eyes Peas, Britney Spears and has a history of performing at music festivals like these, including the “Electric Daisy Carnivals”. Also in the performers list is Audrey Napoleon who bridges the spunk and sophistication in electronic music and has become a name in the genre. With a lineup like this, the festival is screaming success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Will identity festival be a sell-out event?

A:If Identity Festival Tickets sales are any indication then it certainly looks as if it will be sold-out event.

Q:If i buy identity festival tickets from your website, will you make sure that the seats are together?

A:All seats are together with Identity Festival Tickets bought from our website unless there is a prior mention of the splits.

Q:Are rumors of nero being at atl identity festival true?

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