Iheartradio Music Festival Tickets

The iHeartRadio music festival will be taking place at the “MGM Grand Garden Arena” for the second time. After the success it saw in its debut year, the management has decided to follow up the festival this year but on a much larger scale than their previous set up. iHeartRadio is going out of its way to live up to its status as the country’s favorite radio station. Like last year, the upcoming festival will also take place over the course of two days with an exciting lineup of performers for each day. The “Las Vegas Strip” will be playing host to the variety of campers, performers, the crew and the diverse crowd that will come to attend the festival from all over the country.

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The date for this festival has been rumored to be sometime in late September so far. What has been confirmed for sure is the list of headliners. This time around, iHeartRadio Music Festival tickets will be available for performances by the legendary rock band from Boston, Aerosmith, the sweet country crooner from Pennsylvania, Taylor Swift, the edgy pop star from Barbados, Rihanna, and the self proclaimed “American Idiots” themselves, Green Day. They will be joined by a variety of other acts, all of whom are chart dominators.
The main act at the iHeartRadio music festival is no doubt going to be the 70s rock band, Aerosmith. Steven Tyler will now be joining the band full time having quit his job at FOX’s “American Idol”. Joe Perry will also be stalling his solo projects for some time to work on new material for Aerosmith. And so along with performing their best known songs with the likes of “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” and “Living on the Edge”, they will also be belting out some of the new tunes they have been working on. Of course, no Aerosmith gig will be complete without their big crowd pleasing number, “Dude Looks Like a Lady” or the hip hop crossover song, “Walk This Way” and the inspirational anthem, “Dream On”. The members will be staying true to their “Bad Boys from Boston” image and will retain all the moves and styles they are known for.
iHeartRadio Music Festival tickets are also being sold for the set by the second headliner, Taylor Swift. She is the country music star who rose to fame by starting young and writing her own material. She became the youngest songwriter to have every single song in her debut album penned by herself. Her songwriting skills have been honored many a times by music halls of fame all around the country. Her voice is soft and melodious and her performance style simple yet young and fresh. Moreover, her material has struck the proverbial chord with young girls in particular who find that they can relate to the experiences and situations that she sings about. She has won numerous awards over the years. She has taken home six Grammy Awards and has countless Country Music Awards. She has also been honored with the “Artist of the Year” title two years in a row.
Finally, the third top act that will be performing at the festival is Green Day. They are the rock band that started out in the 1990s and found fame with their unique post punk sound. They are made up of Billie Joe Armstrong as the lead vocalist and guitarist, Mike Dimt on the bass and Tre Cool on drums. Together, they have sold in excess of 65 million records and are amongst the top selling artists of this decade. Perhaps their biggest album to date is “American Idiot”. It is the album that held the songs “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, “American Idiot”, and “Wake Me Up When September Ends”. The album is still so celebrated that its track list inspired a Broadway show that Armstrong himself produced and which has proven to be a big hit. But they are not only enjoyed by fans—critics have noticed their good work as well. This has in turn given them five Grammy Awards, most of which have been in the rock category. At the festival, the group is going to be getting back to their former glory as eclectic performers. As a live act, they have displayed the ability to make entire arenas sing their songs in unison.
People should thus look for iHeartRadio music festival tickets on sale and book their place at the biggest radio event of the country.