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Music fans get ready because the sensational teenage Italian trio Il Volo is rolling into town for an amazing performance. These three amazing singers have taken the music world by storm and have made quite a reputation for themselves in just three years or so. What makes everything about them all the more unique is the astonishing strength and melody of their music at such a young age. A performance by them is worth watching especially live so if you see them coming your way then don’t hesitate to buy Il Volo tickets and rest assured you won’t regret it.
Il Volo consists of Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble and Piero Barone aged seventeen, seventeen and eighteen respectively. All three of them were seen for the first time at the famous Italian talent show Ti Lascio Una Canzone. They didn’t know each other back then and entered the competition as solo contestants hoping to make their mark one day and become famous. Well they actually did that but as fate would have it not as solo performers but rather as a group. The producers of the show were taken aback by three unbelievable voices so they decided to bring them together as a group to sing O Sole Mio. That experiment paid off and everyone who saw and heard that performance knew they were witnessing the start of something really special. They won the competition hands down and decided to name their group Il Volo which is Italian for flight. Just like their talents the name for the band was perfect as well because the flight they have been to since has gone on to turn them into the heartbeats of millions.
Their manager Michele Torpedine and producer Tony Renis took Il Volo under their tutelage and helped the trio get their first recording contract with Universal Music Group. This agreement was the start of a flight that would take them to the hearts of fans around the world. They released their self-titled debut album in their native Italy in 2010. The album was produced by the duo Humberto Gatica and Tony Renis and was certified Gold soon after its release.
The success in Italy was followed by the release of the album’s international version on 12th April, 2011. The promotion in the U.S. took the trio to American Idol where they sang O Sole Mio. The performance was so spectacular that everyone in the audience, including the judges gave them a standing ovation. That performance also highlighted their talents to millions watching the show at home which helped in creating feverish excitement for the album’s release in the country. It went to top spots on various charts and sold thousands of copies in the first week alone. The success of that album wasn’t limited to the U.S. only and it topped charts in various European countries too to signal the arrival of Il Volo. The popularity of the album earned them huge accolades from every part of the globe and turned the trio into superstars overnight. The magnificent album also earned two Latin Grammy nominations along with appearances at some of the biggest stages and shows around the world.
This is just the beginning of a journey for Il Volo towards more success. They are just teenagers so the trio has time on their side to become one of the biggest names in music. They have already started to headline major events which is a true testament to their skills and talents. What makes them different is the style of their music which is a throwback to the old days of melodious traditional music. More remarkable is the fact they have as good as mastered the art of singing at an age when most kids don’t even know the basics. One thing is for sure, this trio is here to stay and not going anywhere. So fans, grab your Il Volo tickets as soon as you see them coming your way for an experience that will take your breathe away.

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