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 Incubus is a rock band belonging to Calabasas, California. The band came into existence in 1991, the founding members being Brandon Boyd, Jose Pasillas and Mike Einziger. Three of them were school fellows in the tenth grade, which is when they started band. They released their very first demo tape in 1994 by the name of “Closet Cultivation”. The band released its first major record, an EP that included six tracks in 1997 by the name “Enjoy Incubus”. That same year they went on a tour with Korn around Europe. To catch their live performance, grab your Incubus tickets today.

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Incubus released their sophomore album titled “S.C.I.E.N.C.E” in the September of 1997. After the release of their studio album, they took participation in Family Values Tour and Ozzfest with Ultraspank and System of a Down during autumn. Throughout 1998, the band toured a lot, and sold about 100,000 records around Europe. After a two year hiatus, the band returned to mainstream with their new album “Make Yourself”, their first critically acclaimed album. The album was released on 26th of October 1999. After releasing their album, they toured with Buckethead and Primus. That tour lasted for a year.
Incubussong Privilege from the album was featured at MTV Sports. Along with the album, the band also released a single named Pardon Me. The single wasn’t much of a hit on radios; however it received a large fan base when the band decided to play it live in the concert. The acoustic version hit off and many of the radio stations started playing it on air. With the increasing interest of the public in acoustic version, stations also started playing the studio version, which eventually hit the bar too. The band released its next EP on 20th of August 2000 by the name “When Incubus Attacks”. The album made it to the Billboard charts and sold about 40,000 copies.
That same year, Incubus’ album “Make Yourself” was also certified gold because of its hit song ‘Pardon Me’. On the release of Drive, a single track, the band found its real mainstream success. The song made it to the Modern Rock charts and also made it to the top 10 list of Billboard “Hot 100”. That year Incubus was asked to perform at Area 1 Festival. The festival featured The Roots, Moby, Carl Cox, Outkast and Nelly Furtado. That same year, they started off their tour with Hoobastank. They went as far as Australia and Japan.
Incubus song ‘Drive’ earned a nomination at the MTV Video Music Award that same year as well. On the tour, the band released a song from their upcoming album. The song was Wish You Were Here. The track made it to Modern Rock charts right away. Their album “Morning View” was released on 23rd of October 2001. The band started to work on their next album in 2003. The album “A Crow Left of the Murder”, after a long work, was released in the mid of 2004. After the release of the album, the band decided to go on a world tour. This tour included many others bands, some of them being The Walkmen, Ben Kweller, The Music and Hundred Reasons. A live DVD was released later that year by the name “Alive at Red Rocks”.
Incubus released three songs in July of 2005. Another song “Light Grenades” was released in 2006 and managed to make it to Billboard 200 at number one, their very first song to have made it to number one of Billboard chart. In the April of 2008, the band took a break from albums and tours to pay more attention to their personal lives. In 2009, they released another album by the name “Monuments and Melodies. Currently, the band is back to live tours with the release of their latest album “If Not Now, When?” To catch some live songs, book Incubus tickets today!

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