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The era of eighties celebrated rock music with commercial artists like U2, Roxette, Van Helen and The Cure. The Australian pub rock band The Farriss Brothers emerged as INXS, a new yet promising talent in Rock/Pop. Their introductory acts and hits had undertones of new wave, alternate and elements of funk.

INXS was considered to be a one man show, the glamour and charismatic male lead Michael Hutchence. In reality, Farriss brothers Jon Farriss (drums) and Tim Farriss (lead guitars) with Kirk Pengilly (bass) together carried INXS from Southern hemisphere to one of the most successful heavy guitar strained mainstream indie artists in UK and US. In three decades of it career INXS rocked the world with a total of eleven studio, two live and seven compilation and thirteen video albums. It also released fifty four singles and two EP’s.

Atlantic was INXS first recording label and remained with it for thirteen years. In 1980, INXS released its debut self titled album. It charted numerous US and Australian charts. Shabooh Soohah (1982), their third album was the beginning of INXS stairway to success. One Thing from the album marked INXS potential and strong presence. This first best selling Gold Certified release was followed by The Swing (1984). Its single Original Sin became the first No.1 on international charts. Listen Like thieves (1985), Kick (1987), X (1990), Welcome to Where You are (1992), Live Baby Live (1991) and Kick the Video Flick (1987) won Platinum and Gold certifications in US, UK and Australia.

The band’s music topped UK and European Charts and became mega gold and platinum releases. With Full Moon Dirty Heart (1993) came INXS’s wrap with Atlantic. INXS signed Epic and released the AUS Gold certified Switch (2005) after eight years. Leaving Epic, under Petrol Engine’s shell INXS released Original Sin (2010).

With such a heavy lineup of Gold and Mega platinum hits word wide, INXS was made a part of the ARIA’s Hall of Fame (2001). Its success on the home ground and especially in the US and UK bagged it the ARIA Awards in the category Outstanding Achievement and Best Video for 1987 and Best Group (1987), (1989) and (1992). Their video Need You Tonight won five MTV Music Awards (1988). The Brit Award for the Best International Group was won by the band in 1991. The song Kick (1989) was nominated by the Grammys . The same year the Juno Awards nominated it for the Entertainer of the Year Award .

INXS has been touring even before it became a commercial success. After the first release they toured Australia and New Zealand for two years. Their fame as one of the best contemporary rock act won them their first international tour to the US in (1983). Their first solo tour Listen Like Thieves (1985-6) was a promotional tour for the album and became a phenomenal hit. INXS was high in demand and hence came If You Got It! Shake It Tour for Europe. INXS delivered all time favorite hits between the years 1986 to 1993; What You Need , Devil Inside , New Sensation and Suicide Blonde . US and UK became the celebration floor for these hits.

INXS brilliant rock acts are showcased in quiet a few international tours namely: De Force, Kick, Calling All Nations, X-Factor, Get Out Of the House and Dirty Honeymoon . After these tours INXS confined to the Australian expanses, thrilling and entertaining their countrymen. However missed by their fans, they made a comeback with the Elegantly Wasted promotional tour.

The band’s transitional phase between 1997- 2003 was under influence of Hutchence’s death. INXS seemed to fade away with passing years. The band tied to make genuine effort and got Jon Stevens. His short term vocals remained insufficient for INXS and its fans. Later J. D. Fortune, came to INXS post reality show, and gave his voice to switch and hits like Pretty Vegas and Afterglow .

The enigmatic presence of Hutchence couldn’t be replaced; however the distant sound of INXS music came nearer and better. Since then the band has been playing mostly in tours in Australasia, appearing occasionally for international featured acts and concerts.

For INXS fans, INXS concerts and tours are a tribute to Hutchence’s period of fame and success. His performance and presence were mesmerizing and seem hard to revive. Nonetheless the band tries to bring the true spirit of INXS’s music back to life. Streamlined with Hutchence’s experimentation with fusion of rock and pop, INXS’s concerts allow fans to relive the magic of the yesteryears. INXS tickets will once again bring fans to feel the energy and missing beat of INXS for themselves.