Jack White Pokey Lafarge Tickets

Two of your most favorite musicians are now joining hands to bring you a series of concerts filled with double the fun, excitement and entertainment. We are talking about none other than Jack White and Pokey Lafarge, both of whom have been ruling the hearts of people all over the globe with their quality music and electrifying live shows. Now, these two incredible artists are ready to perform for you together and this is an event that is sure to be a blast. Get yourself to the latest Jack White Pokey Lafarge shows and experience the fun. Don't forget to book your Jack White Pokey Lafarge tickets from us right away before the best deals run out!
Born on the 9th of July, 1975 in Detroit, Michigan, United States, Jack White is an enormously talented actor, multi instrumentalist, record producert, songwriter, and singer on top of being an incredible musician. He is famous for being part of the legendary band, The White Stripes, for which he worked as the lead vocalist, pianist as well as guitarist until the group broke up in February of the year 2011 following an extremely successful career. In addition to being a member of The White Stripes, Jack White has also worked with other bands such as The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs.
Jack White produces music that revolves around different types of genres such as punk blues, blues rock, garage rock, alternative rock and rock. He plays numerous different kinds of instruments as well, including the clavioline, the xylophone, mandolin, the marimba, drums, bass guitar, the organ, piano, and guitar. He hit the music industry in the year 1990 and has ever seen been producing some outstanding music for his listeners, who are spread all over the world. In the year 2011, Karl Dean, who was the mayor of Nashville, gave Jack White the title of Nashville Music City Ambassador.
Jack White has won numerous awards and has performed with various famous artists including Insane Clown Posse, Electric Six, Bob Dylan, Alicia Keys, Jeff Beck, and the Rolling Stones among several more. He was also placed on the seventieth spot in the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time list by Rolling Stone magazine. Now, this amazing artist is gearing up for some ground shaking performances at the upcoming Jack White Pokey Lafarge concerts which are just around the corner.
Pokey Lafarge is also counted among some of the leading roots musicians in the United States. He rose into the music industry in the year 2009 and has gradually received enormous success all over the world. He is the founder of the band Pokey Lafarge and the South City Three, which also includes members Ryan Koenig on the snare, washboard and harmonica, Adam Hoskins on the lead guitars, and Joey Glynn on the bass guitars. Their music is based mostly on American roots and American folk and they have a large fan following all over the world.
Based in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, Pokey Lafarge, along with his band blend western swing along with country blues, string ragtime and jazz to produce their own brand of music, which has become popular all over the world. Pokey Lafarge is famous for his booming voice, which never fails to touch the hearts of the audience, making them emotionally connect to his music. He released his debut album in the year 2007 under the title of Marmalade. It went on to become a considerable success and he started to perform at places all over the nation. The following year, his next album was released. This was named Beat and this too achieved success.
Now, he is ready to embark on his latest tour alongside Jack White and you should not miss the upcoming Jack White Pokey Lafarge shows. Your only gateway to these thrilling concerts are your Jack White Pokey Lafarge tickets so get your tickets now!