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The addiction to rock music has persisted throughout the decades, ever since it started pervading the senses back in the sixties courtesy American bands such as The Doors and The Rolling Stones as well as with the likes of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin from across the Atlantic. Other genres have ambitiously tried to break into rock's domain, such as pop, rap, hip hop and electronica, but rock's hold over its addicts has remained unwavering. And Jane's Addiction is no exception. No, it does not allude to some coke snorting, heroine injecting female rocker a la Courtney Love but to the alternative rock band that has been blasting their edgy vibes all across the word for the past three odd decades and shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. Their flamboyant persona and risqué musical outpouring has seduced millions of fans who have seen the band through their various break-ups and reunions. Book some Jane's Addiction tickets for getting your essential rock fix.
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During the mid-eighties, frontman Perry Farrell had already established his rock credentials via his former act Psi Com in the Los Angeles rock scene. However, what had started out as a gothic expression at the onset of the '80s had to now contend with its own demons coming home to roost. Perry efforts to corner a bassist for his faltering band resulted in him and Eric Avery bonding over a mutual admiration for the likes of The Velvet Underground, with Jane's Addiction subsequently rising from the ashes of Psi Com. With drummer Stephen Perkins and guitarist Dave Navarro coming in later, Jane's Addiction was all set to take the world by storm. And a storm it did raise with its eclectic hybridization of rock streams and jazz stirrings, blending it all together with metal, with sprinklings of pop and folk on top. Record labels started clamoring to sign up this bold new act that had dared to challenge the musical conventions, defining the newfangled alternative rock genre.With Warner Bothers winning the bid to introduce Jane's Addiction to the world, the band released their debut record Nothing's Shocking in 1988, and aptly set the mood of their sound right from the cover that featured two nude models sitting on a rocking settee. Just peaking three places shy of being in the top hundred on Billboard 200, the album nonetheless went platinum and gained a top-ten hit in the single "Jane Says". However, the band's follow-up album Ritual de lo habitual drowned out what Jane might have said or even screamed for that matter, by ascending to the 19th spot on Billboard 200 and besides going three-time platinum, posited two number one singles, namely "Stop!" and "Been Caught Stealing".

The next record, a whopping 13 years in the making, sought to assert the power of Jane's Addiction once again. Strays, released in 2003, revealed the "True Nature" of the cyclic nature of the band, which true to its name had come together and relapsed 3 times already. Becoming a top-ten record in the US along with Australia and Canada "Just Because"! Jane's Addiction has kept up its irresistible persona with their latest offering The Great Escape Artist that wormed its way out in 2011 and climbed to the 12th spot on Billboard 200, unleashing an "Irresistible Force" that after penetrating into the top ten on the US Alternative charts pervaded the "Underground". 
Jane's Addiction's shenanigans have been furthered by its constituent elements, namely frontman Perry Farrell and bad boy guitarist Dave Navarro. Fashionista Farrell not only epitomized the band's brazen image but also created the Lollapalooza phenomenon that seminally serving as the farewell tour for Jane's Addiction leading up to their breakup the first time around, has now snowballed into a major annual celebration of all forms of music, dance and comedy. Navarro, when not romping around with his former wife and playboy model Carmen Electra, was directing adult movies and hosting the rock equivalent of American Idol, the short-lived Rock Star franchise. Jane's Addiction has toured extensively during their stints when together, such as opening for the likes of Iggy Pop and The Ramones in their early years and then playing their own highly successful tours such as the Jubilee Tour and their 2008 reunion tour that even featured former guitarist Eric Avery as part of the classic lineup. Get your Jane's Addiction tickets now for overdosing on infectious rock vibes and taking a hit from throbbing drum beats. 

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