Jim Gaffigan Tickets

Jim Gaffigan is a well-known American actor and stand-up comedian, who has worked extensively on television and film since 1991. His comedy is often described as deadpan, sarcastic, satirical and observational, as he touches upon the subjects of parentin, obesity, marriage, pop culture and general everyday life. He is mostly recognized for his albums Beyond the Pale and King Baby released in 2006 and 2008, respectively and also for playing the role of Roy Keene in That 70’s Show, and Andy Franklin in My Boys. In 2011, the comedian has also made an appearance on Broadway in That Champion Season show starring alongside Jason Patric, Kiefer Sutherland, Chris North and Briand Cox.  Gaffigan has also appeared on talk shows including The Ellen Show, The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Jim Gaffigan tickets are considered to be quite a treat among comedy fans.
Jim Gaffigan is the youngest among six siblings, and frequently makes jokes on having to grow up in a big family. He went to Purdue University where he studied for a year and also joined its well-known Phi Gamma Delta Fratenity. However, he left the school and instead applied to Georgetown University in its Business School, from where he graduated in 1988. Gaffigan has wrestled during his High School years and has also played some College Football. With time he established himself as a key comedian in American culture, gaining prominence for appearing in the Sierra Mist comedic commercials alongside Michael Ian Black. He also worked at Late Night with Conan O’Brien, where he created several short animated skits for a segment called Pale Force, which showed the animated versions of O’Brien and Gaffigan as superheroes that fight against law-breakers with very pale skin.
Typical comedy routines by Jim Gaffigan include high-pitched, funny ‘asides’ that represent comments on his comedy performance from a rather naïve, and annoyed hypothetical audience member. He is known particularly for playing skits or routines regarding eating habits, laziness and more popular happenings such as the eating of cake, Hot Pockets and bacon. His stand-up material has been referenced or used in several productions such as in the 2004 animated series on Comedy Central called Shorties Watchin’ Shorties. In his 2006 album titled Beyond the Pale, Gaffigan goes on to humor on American food and general eating habits as encouraged by its popular culture, where the album included an additional feature from Comedy Central’s hour-long session released on DVD. His 2009 studio offering titled King Baby also became a TV special that was shot in Austin,Texas completed towards the end ofGaffigan’s The Sexy Tour.
In 2009, Jim Gaffigan was interviewed on Anytime with Bob Kushell, in which the comedian defended the title of his tour by asserting that it was hilarious to imagine parents feeling uncertain about whether to bring their underage kids to the show. A year later, he travelled to Israel for Easter, where he performed twice, namely at a Tel Aviv theater and then at the only English-speaking comedy club in the city. His studio albums include Luigi’s Doghouse and Economics II released in 2001, 2003’s More Moo Moos, 2004’s Doing My Time and The Last Supper, 2006’s Beyond the Pale and King Baby from 2009.
Jim Gaffigan has also acted in many feature films including hit comedies such as 13 Going on 30, The Living Wake, The Love Guro, 17 Again, Away We Go, The Slammin’ Samon, It’s Kind of a Funny Story and Going the Distance. He guest starred in HBO comedy Flight of the Conchords, in which he played Murray Hewitt’s best friend. He also appeared in two episodes of Law & Order, Reality Bites and Flight. In an episode from The Daily Show, Gaffigan played the role of a very successful Daily Show correspondent, who ironically did not even know the correct name of the show often referring to it as John Daily Show. This was supposed to a parody skit, making fun of the gate-crashing incident that occurred at the White House in 2009. Gaffigan keeps coming up with new comedy material, always cracking up his audience and throwing them in fits of laughter. If laughs are what you are looking for then get those Jim Gaffigan tickets now.