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Hear this, if you want to step beyond the traditional music performances and live shows that have been staged so far then head to Westbury. The NYCB Theater will soon be set ablaze with the live performance by two of the maestros in comedy circuit, Joan Rivers and Brad Garrett! An event can’t get funnier than this, so make sure to be a part of this once in a lifetime show with your Joan Rivers Brad Garrett tickets.

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Joan Rivers has many feathers in her cap but one that boasts of the most success is her run with CBS for the hit sitcom ‘Here’s Lucy’. Airing for six seasons, it brought the star comedian and actress unprecedented fame and accolades. Born as Joan Alexandra Molinsky, she discovered her knack for comedy at an early age and amused her father’s colleagues with humorous banter. Following her graduation she tried different things which included working for a chain store, being a tourist guide at Rockefeller Centre and also holding the position of a proofreader in an advertising agency. However, love for comedy always stayed with her and it pulled her to various comedy clubs in New York. Her first break came when she appeared on ‘The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson’ and since then there has been no looking back for her. In all these years Joan Rivers has become an entertainment legend, whose accomplishments are unparalleled and talent that’s simply endless. Imagine what an event it will be that will bring together on one stage, the queen and king of comedy. Joan Rivers Brad Garrett performance is not to be missed!
‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ star Brad Garrett won several Emmy Awards for his role as Robert Barone. His experience with the hit show further urged him to take standup comedy as a profession and to his fans’ delight he is often seen touring and taking the live stage. Brad Garrett has used his hulking physique as a source of inspiration where he most of the time makes himself the subject of his humor. This combined with his natural flair for comedy has placed him among the top comedians in the US. He dropped out of college only after three months and embarked on a career as a standup comedian. Luck was with him and his gamble paid off especially when he went on to win talent show, Star Search. This was followed by appearances on talk shows and serving as an opening act for several renowned performers. Popular for his booming, distinct vocals, Garrett has also lent his voice to hit animated shows such as ‘Tangled’, ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘2 Stupid Dogs’ and ‘Superman the Animated Series’, among others. NYCB Theater is all set for the groundbreaking Joan Rivers Brad Garrett joint act that will surely leave the crowd in laughter fits.
Both the artists have now become legends in their own right and Joan Rivers Brad Garrett performance is just what the doctor ordered, especially if you are looking for a laughter dose. Aspiring comedians have been following Garrett’s rather large footsteps for quite some time now, claiming that his improvisational skills still remain the best. While Brad Garrett’s comedy is often said to be old school, the artist now makes a conscious effort to adopt modern styles, all the while retaining the elements of classic, cutting edge humor. Joan Rivers however remains comfortable in her own skin and despite having spent 62 years in the entertainment industry, her whiplash tongue has the same effect. Courageous and super hilarious, Rivers has braved numerous rivals and even today when young stars like Kathy Griffin have made their mark, her presence remains as strong as ever. Two comedy legends, one platform; what more can one ask for! Just grab your Joan Rivers Brad Garrett tickets and set back to enjoy jokes that are likely to leave you in stitches!

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