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An entertainment bomb, Rivers was raised in Brooklyn, NY. She along with her family moved in Westchester County later. She graduated with a degree in English literature and anthropology and did a number of jobs before making her way into the showbiz. She worked as a proofreader as well as a guide and finally and she realized that she has the talent of making anyone laugh just by being herself. It was Tony Rivers who suggested her to change her name and she decided to stick to Joan Rivers as her stage name.
The real name of Joan Rivers is Joan Alexandra Molinsky. Other than being a superb comedian, she is also a tv personality and an actress. Born in 1933, Rivers is popular for her loud and her brash manner. Her heavy NY accent is luring as well as amusing. Rivers is also known for her various cosmetic surgeries! Like some of the most popular humorists, Rivers makes the audiences laugh by poking fun at herself. Also, she pokes fun at a number of Hollywood stars in a style of her own which can give you laughter fits.
Joan Rivers started her career in showbiz by performing in Driftwood, a short run play in 1950s. She performed on stage during 1961 in Chicago. Here she got a break and then performed in various clubs such as The Bitter End and The Gaslight Café. She made her first appearance on The Tonight Show as a guest. She also became a part of the Candid Camera in 1965. She was a participant as well as a gag writer for this show. Rivers also made her appearances of various other shows in addition to acting in small roles in other productions.
During 60s, Joan Rivers came up with her 2 comedy albums. These were called “The Next to Last Joan Rivers Album” and “Joan Rivers Presents Mr. Phyllis & Other Funny Stories”. During the next decade, she appeared on several tv comedy shows. The Carol Burnett Show and Hollywood Squares include some of them. She also wrote and directed Rabbit Test in 1978 and also did an opening act for Helen Reddy. She performed various opening acts for different shows as well.
Live shows by Joan Rivers are always worth your buck. They are ideal entertainment for all those who love to be a part of live comedy performances where you get a chance to forget your worries and enjoy some lighthearted entertainment. The ones who want to get a break from the boredom of life will also simply love to discover Joan Rivers live. She knows how to make you laugh in a natural way; her acts are effortless performances which make her stand apart from other entertainer of the same genre. This is why Joan Rivers shows lure theatergoers from all walks of life.
Getting Joan Rivers tickets can be a wonderful idea for the whole family as this comedy icon in known for entertaining audiences from all age groups. You will be delighted by the overall feel of her performances. There will be laughter in the air and joyful moments that you will cherish forever. So before other theatergoers deprive you of experiencing this comedy queen live in your city, rush and grab some Joan Rivers tickets now! 

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