Joe Bonamassa Tickets

Joe Bonamassa needs no introduction as this blues rock guitarist has earned accolades from all quarters. He has received the honor of being named the Best Blues Guitarist by his fans who voted for him in the Guitar player Magazine’s annual reader’s Choice Awards. He is much revered and respected for his music and tickets to his shows are sure fire sellouts. Be ready to listen to a few of his best melodies live by booking your Joe Bonamassa tickets from us right away.

Born in 1977, Joe Bonamassa was raised in New Hartford. His parents were owners of a guitar shop. He has confessed in an interview that he wanted to become a musician since childhood and his fascination for guitars developed right from the age of four. He is a fourth generation musician as both his grandfather and great grandfather both played the trumpet. Music it seemed ran in his blood as his father was a guitar player too. The artist openly credits his parents for instilling a love for music in him right from his childhood.

Receiving his first guitar as a present from his father, it wasn’t long before he was playing it. By the age of seven he started taking his guitar lessons seriously and was taking inspiration from Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan. A few years later he was taking lessons from none other than Danny Gatton. The mentor taught him such styles as polka, jazz and country. Before entering his teenage, he was thriving with skill which is why he opened the show for BB King when he was just twelve years of age. In fact King found him very skillful calling him one of a kind.

Joe Bonamassa’s talent is just not limited to being a blues guitarist but extending it further, he manages to write songs with utter perfection. He surfaced in the music industry during the nineties and has worked with labels, J& R Productions. His recording career launched when he formed the band, Bloodlines . It was a four piece band, most of them were children of the well known rock musicians. The band soon disbanded and it was now that Bonamassa’s talent could be seen in full spectrum. His strength as an expressive singer could was evident through his work, gaining him the recognition he so deserved. He was seen and heard emulating some of his favorite singers including, Greg Allman and Paul Rodgers. The series of events all paved the path for him to realize his own potential as a singer and providing him the confidence he so needed to stand on his own.

His solo career was better than he had thought. Debuting with the 2000’s Top Ten disc, A new Day Yesterday. The album contains guest shots by Greg Allman and Leslie West among many others. Making waves with hits like “ Miss You, Hate You ” he soon reached amazing heights of stardom. Two years later his first number one album, So, It’s Like That became a sweeping sensation among music buffs earning him an ever bigger share of fans. The following year saw the release of his next album, Blues Deluxe. Bonamassa’s work is influenced greatly by the Irish and British blues rock acts. He also draws influence from blues rock artists, Muddy Waters, Guitar Slims and Robert Johnson.

Ever since the time he entered the industry, Joe Bonamassa’s concerts have received warm response from the lovers of live music. Today, his shows have become sold out events, thus making Joe Bonamassa tickets sizzling hot commodities among blues lovers. If you are an avid blues fan then check Joe out in his upcoming live performance.

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