Jonny Lang Tickets

The Grammy award winner American blues, rock and gospel song writer and singer Jonny Lang has simply impressed the world with his unusual vocals like no other. The guitar solos and exceptional vocals have made his music a hot seller where as many compare his voice with a 40-year old blues veteran too. The wide vibratos have made his solo patterns unique and worth following. Born in North Dakota, United States, Jonny Lang started exploring his innate talent by playing guitar and he relished the performance of Bad Medicine Blues Band when he was just twelve. Lang was so much impressed by their performance that he started taking guitar lessons from band’s guitar player Ted Larsen. After several months of training, Lang joined the band Kid Jonny Land & the Big Bang.

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As Lang turned fourteen, the band shifted to Minneapolis and released an independent album Smokin’. In 1996, Lang signed to A&M records and in 1997 he received the multi-platinum critically acclaimed Lie to Me. The next year, Lang released his album Wander This World which became so popular that it earned a Grammy nomination. This was not an easy task as the work was surely worth appreciating. In 2003 a soulful effort Long Time Coming was released which marked the creative ability of Jonny Lang. The endless efforts to prove as one of the most followed and appreciated artists of the times, Lang kept on putting in efforts. Eventually in 2006 Lang’s album Turn Around which was a true inspiration from gospel won the very first Grammy Award to Jonny and that made him proud of himself for sure.
Since the early times of his performing years, Lang made a practice of performing barefoot on stage. He claimed that it feels good but later he adopted it when his friend Allison passed away. After encountering a couple of electric shocks Lang quit this practice. The journey of music has not been travelled alone as Jonny Lang performed with Buddy Guy, Rolling Stone, Sting, Aerosmith and Jeff Beck besides a couple of other noted names. In 1999, Jonny Lang had the honor to perform President Clinton and Mrs. Clinton at White House. In 2004, Jonny also participated in fund raising at Crossroads Guitar Festival. Being a die heart guitar lover and a talented guitar player, Lang performs at Experience Hendrix Tour regularly thus paying tribute to the deceased guitar legend.
Jonny Lang was given a big break in the music career by the band The Big Bang and he remained with them from 1993 till 1996. Later from 1996 till 2004, Lang joined hands with Paul Diethelm, Jeff Hayenga and Michael Rey. In 2005 Jonny embarked on an acoustic tour and later performed with Wendy Wright as part of the pre-Grammy party celebration.  You will definitely love to be the part of the show as Jonny Lang tickets are out for sale. Grab your share of fun today as the beats are worth enjoying. The blues and rock music has simply taken in with a big leap and the fame of Jonny Lang’s vocals is uncontrollable for sure. Nothing can keep you away as Jonny Lang’s beats are a sure way of relishing the gospel music so tick out some time and enjoy the time of your life. Relax with the soothing beats as nothing can ease the frustration as the soothing music. With Jonny Lang on stage, the time flies away in a jiffy so grab this opportunity and get Jonny Lang tickets now for a fun time hard to forget. The artistic ability of Lang and the refined vocals are an added advantage to those who have never attended Jonny Lang’s show before. Get ready and be the part of this soulful journey which will surely be remembered for years to come as nothing can be blessed with a Grammy without a reason. Get ready today for a memorable time!