Journey Foreigner Night Ranger Tickets

Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger are all set to mesmerize the audience by their remarkable performance at the combo concert. With the intention to rock the American land to its toes, Journey is now gearing up to unleash them for a 40 City Tour. With the intention to bring forth their new album Eclipse , Journey has collaborated with Foreigner and Night Ranger to make it one of the most celebrated events of this summer. All these bands are reminiscent of the classic era thus bringing forth the music that is timeless. For the first time in ten years, the bands are ready to rock the nation. Journey had no contact with Foreigner for more than ten years and this event will prove to be a great reunion for which both the bands are looking forward to.
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Journey was formed in 1973 as a rock band in San Francisco. Passing through a number of phases in life, the band has finally reconciled in regrouping with several lead singers. In 1990’s the band has been nominated for a Grammy award. They successfully sold two gold albums while not to forget eight multi-platinum albums and a diamond album too. With six singles reaching top 10 at the US Billboard Hot 100 charts . Later in 2005, Journey was rated as Americas best rock band in the history of music, which is a great honor for the band. Their songs are still on air across the world in the radio stations.

Journey is led by Neil Schon and a new lead singer Arnel Pineda who have planned to make it a hit by displaying their hit singles Who’s Crying Now, Open Arms, Don’t Stop Believing and Faithfully . These singles have always been a hit amongst the public and they are once again going to rock the stage with unmatched beat. Journey has a motive to play a few singles from their latest upcoming album which would be a marvelous surprise for the fans.

With Foreigner and Night Ranger joining this triple treat, the celebration will go trifold. Foreigner’s lead artist Mick Jones will spell bound the audience with his mastered skills on guitar. Foreigner has planned to present their hit singles like Feels Like The First Time and Cold as Ice. Although a little less known in the public, yet Night Ranger is none less talented anyway. Just like the rest of the two bands in the show, Night Ranger will present their most applauded songs Sister Christian and You Can Still Rock in America.

Imagining Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger together is like re-living in the era of 1982 once again. There are many who argue that Journey can never retrieve their former status as they had during Steve Perry but fortunate Arnel Pineda has also proved to be none less than Perry. The band now has a classic blend of energy and voice on stage as Arnel Pineda proves to be a perfect match on stage.

The present lineup that Foreigner has is far different from what it used to be in 70’s and 80’s. Mick Jones is however the constant guitarist who has been staying in tact with the band ever since its conception. Foreigner now has a 80s rock feel with the singer Kelly Hansen and bassist Jiff Pilson to develop the rhythm. Night Ranger has the third appearance in the show which is speculated to be a short one but the band is planning to spell bound the lot with its unbeatable performance which would remain in their hearts for a long time.

Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger are developing a tour that should be worth remembering and worthy of immense feedback. This concert tour is just like getting three packages in the price of one. Such a deal would surely be hard for many to lose. Gather yourself for a ride of fun and get Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger Tickets soon as they are selling out quickly. Snatch your share of beat and enjoyment now!