Journey Foreigner Tickets

Two of the best rock bands ever are on their way to your town. And what’s more, they are your favorite bands. Yes you guessed it right, Journey and Foreigner are about to hit it together. A true rock fan cannot ask for more! So get ready as the godfathers of rock and two of the best known rock bands in the world, take the stage and only for you, their true fans.

Journey was formed by former members of ‘Santana’ in San Francisco, California, in 1973. They have to date released one diamond album, eight multi-platinum albums and two gold albums. They have the distinct honor of being 28 th best selling band in the history of US music, by selling 47 million records. Their global sale numbers are even more impressive; over 80 million. They are also rated at no. 5 in the best American rock bands category. “Don’t Stop Believin”, is the top selling catalog track in iTunes history.

Journey, which presently consists of Arnel Pineda, Deen Castronovo, Jonathan Cain, Ross Valory and Neal Schon, are the maestros of soft rock, hard rock, progressive rock and jazz fusion. They were originally formed as back up group for other more established Bay area bands. Their initial name was, the ‘Golden Gate Rhythm Section’. However, the band never gave backup vocals and instead developed their own distinct jazz fusion style. The group members later changed their name to Journey and with the induction of Steve Perry; the group had cemented their position in the world of music. Infinity , their fourth album, became Journey’s first certified platinum record with unforgettable songs like “Wheel in the Sky”, and “Lights”.

In 1981, the band released their phenomenally hit album, Escape . This album would go on to become nine-time platinum record. The album had smash hits like “Open Arms”, “Don’t Stop Believin’”, and “Who’s Cryin’ Now”. The band would go on to release more successful albums like Revelation , Generations , Arrival , Trial by Fire , Raised on Radio and Frontiers . Their last album however was Eclipse .

Foreigner, too, was formed round about the same time in 1970’s. The band consisted of British-American rockers, who decided to formally come together and form a band in 1976. The initial members of the band were lead vocalist and an American Lou Gramm , along with Ian McDonald and Mick Jones , both British. The success of the band could be gauged from the fact that they have sold over 70 million albums globally with over 37 million record sales in the United States alone.

The band was lucky in the sense that unlike other bands, who have to go through years of initial little or mediocre success, hit it off with their debut album, Foreigner . This album would later end up selling over 4 million copies. The album had unforgettable numbers like “Cold as Ice”, “Feels Like the First Time” and “Long Long Way from Home”. These songs dominated the Top 20 for at least a year. Their second album was titled, Double Vision . It did even better than its predecessor and sold over 5 million copies worldwide. This album had smash hits like “Double Vision”, “Hot Blooded”, and “Blue Morning Blue Day.” Foreigner, over the years has produced even more successful albums, full of scores of unforgettable songs. Their more recent stuff could be heard in Can’t Slow Down , which was released in 2009. Foreigner presently consists of Mark Schulman, Jeff Pilson, Michael Bluestein, Thom Gimbel, Mick Jones and Kelly Hansen. Jones is the only one left from the original trio.

It is time to re-live those golden years all over again! The two will surely take you back, and get you nostalgic. In this world swarming with below average rock bands, Journey and Foreigner are truly a breadth of fresh air! So do not wait any longer and buy Journey Foreigner Tickets now and enjoy both for the price of one!