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After the subdued "flower power" years of the 1960s, the seventies witnessed the rising surge of rock music that burst in the form of arena rock at the onset of the eighties. American bands such as Journey, Foreigner, Bon Jovi and Styx became akin to gods of rock, garnering devotees rivaling those of Ancient Babylon's kingly deities Baal and Nimrod or Egyptian ones of Horus, Isis and Osiris. In the last two decades, arena rock may have taken a back seat to hard rock and punk, its power to generate mass hysteria is always simmering under the surface and is released in a Vesuvius outflow when the bands of yesteryear emerge and combine forces. The nascent union of Journey, Pat Benatar, Loverboy is just such a symphonic troika that has commenced its reign of rock this summer and intends to carry it through to the end of the current age. Snag some Journey Pat Benatar Loverboy tickets to renew your rock religious vows and see them through into the next age.

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All puns aside, the band Journey has really come a long way in its pursuit for rock stardom, and have been rewarded accordingly. Coming together in 1973 after going AWOL on the band Santana, the quartet of Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie, Ross Valory and George Tickner first served as a back-up group for various Bay Area acts and then emerged in their own right with a performance at the Winterland Ballroom. Releasing their self titled album in 1975, Journey began to Look into the Future with their sophomoric offering, soon releasing a string of hit records that entailed a pair of top 25 ones on Billboard 200 as well as a quartet of top-ten albums, including the chart-topping Escape. Journey underwent a successful a comeback in the new millennium, seeing their 2008's Revelation rising to the 5th spot on Billboard 200. Journey has also garnered five top-ten singles on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, especially the rock anthem "Don't Stop Believin'" that has been covered numerous times in popular culture. All in all, their massive repertory of 14 studio albums, 8 compilation and 3 live ones have sold more than 80 million copies and the band was awarded their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2005.

Pat Benatar has been defining the vocal boundaries of rock music for the past four decades. Pat started taking vocal lessons at an early age and ironically was not influenced by rock music in her formative years, instead taking her inspiration from classical music. Later on, it was her renditions of Judy Gatland's ditties that garnered her a gig at Catch a Rising Star club led to her being signed by Chrysalis Records in 1978, with her debut record In the Heat of the Night coming out in 1979, which peaked at the 12th spot on Billboard 200, eventually being certified platinum. Pat soon upped the ante, and released the immensely successful album Crimes of Passion the following year that only went number 2 but was certified an impressive five-times platinum. She notched the top spot with Precious Time in 1981, saw another top-ten record in 1982's Get Nervous and kept on reaping platinum and gold till the release of Wide Awake in Dreamland in 1988 and since then have charted all for albums on Billboard 200.

The final addition to the Journey, Pat Benatar, Loverboy tour's trifecta of acts is a band that has been raining down their lovestruck outpourings all over North America for more than the past three decades. Hailing from Calgary in Canada, Loverboy were signed onto the Canadian presence of Columbia Records in 1980 and released their self-titled debut album the same year, seeing it go five and two times platinum in Canada and the US respectively besides peaking at the 13th spot on Billboard 200. This early rise to fame was sustained by Loverboy's next three offerings, Get Lucky, Keep it Up and Lovin' Every Minute of It that kept them in the top-ten slot for the first two and the top-twenty with the latter, as well as being stamped platinum a whopping 8 times amongst them. Their Hot 100 top-ten hits "Lovin' Every Minute of It" and "This Could Be the Night" have made them crowd favorites, what with having toured with the likes of Def Leppard, Cheap Trick and ZZ Top.

So claim some Journey Pat Benatar Loverboy tickets on the double to have your senses inundated with thumping vibes and symphonic diatribes.

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