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There have been singers over the course of history that were always destined to be great and no one epitomizes it better than Juan Luis Guerra. He is an amazing singer who has crossed over to numerous genres to unbelievable success that has resulted in Grammys and some of the other biggest awards in the industry. A performance by Juan is a must-watch and that is one of the reasons fans buy Juan Luis Guerra tickets to watch this amazing artist perform like only he can.
Juan Luis Guerra was born on 7th June, 1957 at the Dominican Republic. A tall guy, he takes that facet from his father who was a professional basketball player. He grew up pretty close to the National Music Gallery but he wasn’t always into taking up music as a profession. His first attempts at choosing a profession took him to study literature and philosophy at the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo but soon realized that wasn’t what he wanted. Juan was always a music lover and grew up listening to the likes of the Beatles and some of the music done by U.S. hippies.
Juan Luis Guerra’s passion for music took him to learning how to play a guitar which was his favorite instrument. To take his music learning to another level Juan went to the Berklee College of Music on a scholarship for a diploma in jazz composition. That time at Berklee opened his eyes to the power of music and Juan went on to study the various forms and degrees of jazz even more closely. After completing his diploma in 1982, he went back to his native Dominican Republic to start and test whatever he had learned during his time in the U.S.
Juan decided to take up the local African music and experiment with it by mixing it with folk songs and jazz. He formed a band 440 and started working on his music skills. The name 440 which was later changed to Juan Luis Guerra y 440 is inspired by the musical note A440 whose frequency is configured to 440 Hz. The name was suggested by Juan’s brother who was a regular at their practice sessions and suggested it when he saw that the music played by the group was absolutely perfectly tuned and harmonious.
Juan Luis Guerra stepped into the world of professional music with the release of his first album titled Soplando in 1984. The album was based on everything he had learned at Berklee and was an experiment so it wasn’t meant to be a commercial success. The album however highlighted the prowess of Juan as a musician and that enabled him to keep on working and release two more albums Mientras Más Lo Pienso...Tú and Mudanza y AcarreoI.
Juan Luis Guerra and 440 signed their first recording contract with Karen Records in 1990 and started to change their music to gain some more commercial success. The trick worked to perfection when they released Ojalá Que Llueva Café in 1989. This was the breakthrough album Juan needed to really kick start his career as a commercially successful musician. The self titled song from the album was a melodious and slow song that had fast paced music. The song and the album topped charts in a lot of Latin American nations and enabled Juan to go on a tour with his band. The tour was immensely successful with fans buying Juan Luis Guerra tickets everywhere they went.
The success garnered from the release of Ojalá Que Llueva Café enabled Juan to release their next album Bachata Rosa in 1990. The album was an even bigger hit and sold a staggering five million copies to earn Juan Luis Guerra his first Grammy. He followed it up with another tour that was an even bigger success than the previous one. The success and awards continued to come his way with his next albums Areito, Forgarte and Para Ti etc. which cemented his reputation as one of the leading Latin American singers of all time.
Juan Luis Guerra is a musician that has never been afraid to experiment. He has done whatever he has wanted and stood by what he believes is right. He has changed his music to keep up with the latest trends but the originality still remains intact in every song of his. Juan Luis Guerra tickets are simply not to be missed out on by everyone who wants to witness the very best of Latin music with just a little bit of difference. 

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