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Justin Bieber is the latest in a line of squeaky clean teenaged musical idols being dealt out to the teeming teens of the world, especially in North America and Europe. His predecessors include Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake that were manufactured by Disney through the Mickey Mouse Club during the 1990s to captivate the developing consciousness of the school-going lot and inundate it with songs of puppy love. The mechanisms of mind control refined through the CIA project MK-Ultra were employed with great success to mould the teen queen and boy toy personas that were programmed into the "mouseketeers". However, with the advent of the new millennium, the all-pervasive power of the internet has been utilized to the max and the likes of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber have been crafted into insanely successful brands, so much so that they have morphed into phenomena that are bigger than their body of music. Secure some Justin Bieber tickets now to be infected with some "Bieber Fever".

The person ingrained in the multi-million dollar brand of Justin Bieber came into the world in 1994 in the city of London in Ontario, Canada. Justin's mother Patricia was a teen mom and with his biological dad out of the picture, had to initially raise him with the help of her parents and then endured menial office jobs to raise him single-handedly. It was whilst attending a catholic school that Justin Bieber started polishing his pipes and uploaded one of the videos of him performing at local singing contest on to YouTube during early 2007 that set the ball rolling.  As the story goes, Scooter Braun was on the lookout for fresh blood to pitch to the cabbalistic music industry insiders so as to build a successful celebrity with a fully controllable alternate personality from a prepubescent age. Coming across Justin's video on YouTube provided him with the perfect opportunity to cast his carefully crafted character.  

After getting the go-ahead from Usher Raymond, Justin Bieber was signed onto Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG) that is controlled by Island Def Jam Music Group which in turn is a subsidiary of Universal. Justin Bieber burst upon the music scene with his happy-go-lucky ditty "One Time" in the summer of 2009 that peaked at the 17th spot on Billboard's Hot 100. Before the release of his debut album, an Extended Play (EP) title My World was released in late 2009 that became a top-ten record in Billboard 200 and spawned another top-twenty single in "One Less Lonely Girl". Hence with the all the hype created across media outlet, Justin Bieber's debut release My World 2.0 seemed to have been destined for overwhelming success akin to the kabalistic New World Order and topped the charts across major markets such as the US, Canada and Australia, going top-ten in others. It singles such as "Eenie Meenie" and "Somebody to Love" seemed to be a music mogul's dream come true, going top-twenty on Billboard 200 and being certified platinum, along with Justin's signature number "Baby" featuring Ludacris that went to the 5th spot on Billboard's Hot 100 and earned a triple-platinum certification.

The album Under the Mistletoe released by Island Def Jam and RBMG through Justin Bieber proved to be another winning ticket, topping the album charts in North America and having its track "Mistletoe" reach a high of 11 on Billboard's Hot 100. His track "Never Say Never" featuring a rapping mini Will Smith aka Jaden Smith was borne out as another top-ten hit. Justin's 2012 release Believe proved to be another resounding chart-topper across the board and bore out his highest ranking hit "Boyfriend".

For the past two, the value of the Justin Bieber brand has skyrocketed, with the associated persona having earned more than $ 50 million in 2011 and being included in the top echelons of the lists of most powerful and highest-earning celebrities on Forbes. His hold on the impressionable minds of youthful listeners everywhere, especially the teeny-bopping girls is gauged by 20 million followers of his Twitter account that hang on to his every Tweet. So claim some Justin Bieber tickets now to be streamed a continuous dose of piping hot pop melodies and auto-tuned, demographically designed ditties.

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