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If you love alternative rock, Keane tickets are what you must get your hands on. This wonderful band can help you enjoy great music live in your city. Even though there are a number of other musical concerts that you can enjoy this season, nothing equals Keane live. This is for the reason that this sensational band makes music that is one of its own kinds. They are also known for their electrifying live performances. For this reason, if you are a true music enthusiast, this show can just be the right extravaganza for you. Here you can sing along this music group from Battle, East Sussex that has produced a number of char toppers.

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Keane has been entertaining the music lovers since 1997. Tim Rice-Oxley, Chaplin, Hughes and Jesse Quin make this band. They came to limelight with their debut album called the Hopes and Fears and since then their great works in the world of music have not stopped. This superb album received several awards and became the 2nd best-selling British album of the year. Under the Iron Sea was another great hit from this band. It also topped the UK album charts. Perfect Symmetry by Keane has a number of outstanding singles as well. Night Train is another work by this band that deserves applause.
Keane are particularly recognized for their use of piano. Instead of guitar they stick to piano which makes them stand apart from other rock bands. So far they have sold more than ten million albums around the world. Some of the best singles by this band include "Call Me What You Like", "More Matey" and "Emily" in addition to "Closer Now". They have several singles and chart toppers that have made this band truly outstanding among their contemporaries. Live gigs by Keane are always exceptional. Unlike other bands, the live shows by this band are streaming with energy and excitement. You cannot stop your feet once you hear the beat of this amazing band that turns the crowd alive every time they step on the stage.
Those who are into rock music must not miss this great chance to be a part of their live performance in their city. As these guys are known for their powerful stage performances, they will allow you to enjoy a perfect musical night where you can forget about your worries and indulge in pure dance and music.
A number of music icons have influenced Keane. Some of the prominent ones include U2, Blur, Oasis, Depeche Mode, David Bowie and The Beatles. They have also been influenced by A-ha, Pet Shop Boys, Queen, and Michael Jackson. Despite of their influences this band is truly original in their works. They have a unique style of music which makes them different than other rock bands that you get to hear every now and then. This is why a show by this band is worth your buck more than any other musical performance this year.
Keane have got a number of awards in their share including the Q Awards, BRIT Awards, GQ Awards, Premios Onda and more. All these accolades that give you an idea of the greatness of this band that has become one of the most popular rock bands of the present times. If you have not listened to this band ever before it is time you do and if you do it live it is even better as nothing equals experience the magic of Keane live. As the band is once again on tour, it is just the right time to reach out to some tickets so that you can enjoy a spellbinding performance that will become one of the best extravaganzas of your life. While getting Keane tickets for yourself do not forget to invite your friends too so that you can enjoy a perfect musical evening with your dear ones.

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