Kenny G Tickets

Born and bred in Seattle, Washington, Kenneth Bruce Gorelick famously known as Kenny G is a brilliant smooth jazz saxophonist that has wowed the music lovers since his inception in the music arena. Kenny has achieved tremendous commercial success over the journey of his career. He has sold more than five million copies of his forth studio album, Duotones in the US alone. The sixth studio album, Breathless has been received with acclaim by the fans and critics alike; nearly fifteen million copies of the album have been sold worldwide out of which twelve million have been sold solely in the US.

By releasing his first holiday album, Miracles, Kenny has made a record of the most successful Christmas album till date. The album has been received quite warmly by the music lovers selling over thirteen million copies until now. In 2003, RIAA has listed Kenny as the twenty fifth best-selling artist who has sold over forty eight million copies of his albums in US alone and seventy five million copies around the world.
While doing his major in Accounting from the University of Washington, Kenny G performed professionally for Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra in 1973. He played with the funk band Cold, Bold & Together before signing as a solo artist with Arista Records in 1982.  He has pulled inspiration from the saxophonist Grover Washington, Jr. and hence most of his albums fall in the smooth jazz genre. Kenny has collaborated with several artists including Andrea Bocelli, Whitney Houston, Peabo Bryson and many more. He has appeared as Uncle Kenny in the music video of Katy Perry's single, Last Friday Night and has also performed alongside the alternative rock band, Foster the People in one of the episodes of Saturday Night Live. His top-notch music has also been featured in the Super Bowl XLV campaign for Audi.  You can also hear this great musician every morning on the smooth jazz radio station, WLOQ 102.5 in Orlando, Florida.  
Kenny G plays the Tenor and Alto Saxophones as well as the Selmer Mark VI Soprano; he has now introduced his own line of saxophones by the name of Kenny G Saxophones.  He is known for holding his saxophone for around forty five minutes at the J&R Music World in New York City and playing the longest note on a saxophone. This act of playing the longest note has earned the talented musician a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The shining superstar has also risen to prominence on the international scene with his famous Chinese singles such as Jasmine Flower and The Moon Represents My Heart. His song, Going Home, is played at the end of classes in schools and also at the public places after the office hours. The song is also played at the railway stations in Shangai and Tianjin when the trains are about to arrive at the terminal.
Kenny G concert is a truly breathtaking experience. The brilliant musician has won the Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Composition for Forever in Love. The remix of his song, Havana has smashed the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs chart on number one in April 1997. If you have never been to his concert before, you must attend one because the talented musician will not disappoint you. He gets the crowd grooving with his outlandishly amazing saxophone tunes, so book your Kenny G tickets now.
Kenny makes the concert evening interactive by having a conversation with the audience and signing autographs for them. You would feel more delighted to hear his Christmas tunes live in a concert than on a CD, so pick your Kenny G tickets now. He is one of the best sax players you could have on earth. His music will just hold you tight in its embrace and you would be sent to a heavenly world.