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Kings of Leon are ruling the indie rock genre with their exceptional hit singles for over a decade now. The band distinguishes its sound by playing a blend of rock and roll with raw country blues. Originating from Nashville, the southern rock group is widely appreciated across the borders and has witnessed more commercial success in Europe as compared to America. Receiving positive critics and audiences reviews, it has performed in a number of festivals, turning them into a massive hit.
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Kings of Leon was formed ten years ago by the sons of Leon Followill . The boys saw their father moving to a number of places, preaching in different churches. The Followills travelled along and it is through these trips to churches that they saw the music being played live and got their first taste of performing. They put their initial experience in words “The kind of churches we played in, it wasn’t about how good you could play your instrument, it was about how much you enjoyed playing your instrument”. After honing their musical skills and practicing day and night to play instruments with precision, Kings of Leon took a formal start by releasing their first album ‘ The Holy Roller Novocaine EP’ in 2003. It gave the band enough exposure to find a place for itself in the music industry. The album was rated four on five by the Rolling Stone Magazine for its music. The launch was followed by a series of album releases making the count reach to five at the moment.

Over the years, Kings of Leon have come up with phenomenal singles including ‘California Waiting’, ‘Wasted Times’, ‘Use Somebody’ and ‘Sex On Fire’ among others. Selected songs from their initial albums were appreciated and were featured on movies such as Cloverfield and Disturbia . The band has been honored with Brit Awards in the categories of the Best International Band and Best International Album. Their extended list of credentials also includes a Grammy Award and various chart topping ranks and album of the year recognitions.

The band’s music is defined as honest, raw and born out of passion. Its lyrics are inspired by the original moments in life and are far from being pretentious. The king’s have experimented with their style, playing different genres of music but have never compromised on the refreshing and unique element of its sound.

The band has performed with various renowned musicians of the industry and has highlighted festivals such as Reading and Leads, Open’er Festival, Austin City Limits and many others of the sort. The mere news of their presence increased the count of people attending the festivals and their live performances happened to be a treat for them. With their youthful distinct sound, great exposure and amazing live shows, the band has a promising and a bright future in the music industry.

Kings of Leon recently conducted a live concert at Slane Castle in Ireland. It was the longest ever live set and the entire event tickets were sold out within thirty minutes. Following the phenomenal success of its latest tour, the band is ready to set records of performing in front of sold out crowd once again. The venue entertained 85,000 fans in the latest concert and the band anticipates entertaining an even greater number of audiences than this in its upcoming live performance. The tour is planned to span over a period of six months, ending in the month of November. Guys, if you haven’t had a chance to witness the band live, well here is one! Kings of Leon is going to perform all of its record breaking, chart topping singles in the show! So get ready to have the time of your life! The band is coming to your town! Kings of Leon Tickets are already on sale! Get them before they are all sold out!

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