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Kiss is the name of an American band from seventies. Formed in the New York City, the rock band consisted of four talented boys at the time of emergence; and became quite famous in a short span of time. The band is known for its unique outfits and face paints. The Kiss Concert Flo Rida tickets must be obtained by the rock music fans as this band always has something exceptional for its fans!

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During the year 1972, four band members named as Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Freshley and Peter Criss joined their competencies to come up with the best possible rock tunes. In 1974, the band debuted with the self-titled album which was certified as gold and was ranked among the US Top 100 Albums. A few months later, its second album ‘Hotter Than Hell’ was released, followed by a series of albums during the next few years. Kiss rose to fame because of its spectacular live performances which have always been quite elaborate. The performers having scary paint on the face, wearing flamboyant costumes and featuring acts like blood spitting, fire breathing make it very interesting for the audience. Kiss Concert Flo Rida will also feature all such stage acts, making it much more than a music concert.
Till the year 1980, the line-up remained the same. However, after that a few changes were seen but it didn’t affect the quality of work produced by the band. Kiss holds the record of producing the most number of gold certified albums more than any other rock band in America. Over all it has produced twenty studio albums, ten live albums and many hit singles. With the worldwide sales exceeding 100 million, the band is still enjoying its four decade long career. The Kiss Concert Flo Rida will definitely be a fantastic event which will take you to the nostalgic eighties.
Throughout the eighties and nineties, Kiss continuously released music. However, from the year 1998 till 2009 the band didn’t come up with any new releases. In 2009, with the release of ‘Sonic Boom’ which peaked at the US chart at #2, the band came back in the form. Its upcoming album ‘Monster’ is due in the year 2012. MTV ranks Kiss at #9 on the list of Greatest Metal Bands. Apart from this, the band is also seen on the list of ‘100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock’ and ‘50 Greatest American Rock Bands’. Two of the original band members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have remained a part of the band ever since the inception of this great group of musicians. If you attend the upcoming Kiss Concert Flo Rida, you will get an idea of how the brilliant performance and excellent getup makes the show as entertaining as a musical or a live theater.
During the mid nineties, the band decided to go for a worldwide tour with all of its original band members performing together once again. The idea proved very successful and this tour became the top-grossing tour of the year. Hit Paraders ranked this energetic band at #1 on the list of Top 100 Live Bands. Over the years, it received various awards and nominations including a Grammy nomination. Only ten years after its inception, Kiss was nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This extraordinary band has appeared in various films as well and many of them have become widely successful. It has been seen on several live shows on TV and has toured multiple countries all over the world. The profound rock tunes by this band reflect maturity and perfection, which can be witnessed live at the Kiss Concert Flo Rida. The tickets for a band such as Kiss are in demand throughout the year. This season the Kiss Concert Flo Rida tickets are selling out fast; interested people must obtain the tickets soon! 

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