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One of the pioneer nu metal bands, Korn has managed to revolutionize the sub genres of heavy metal. The American band has fascinated and enthralled millions around the world with a musical fusion of griff sound and hip-hop influences. The band marked the new era of heavy metal in America after their 1993 demo album release “Neidermeyer’s Mind”.  Korn has been awarded numerous awards and nominations for their innovative and captivating music. Hailing from Bakersfield, California, the band has managed to release thirteen albums comprising of ten studio albums, one compilation album and two live albums. They have also released thirty-six music videos along with forty-one singles. The group comprises of “Ray Luzier,” “Reginald Arvizu,” “James Shaffer” and “Jonathan Davis.” The band states its main influences to be renowned heavy metal bands and hip-hop artists including “Black Sabbath,” “Nine Inch Nails,” “Mr. Bungle,” “Red Hot Chili Peppers,” “Tool,” “Rage Against the Machine,” “Sepultura,” “Pink Floyd,” “Led Zeppelin” and “Metallica” amongst others. The band has collaborated with numerous artists and cherished bands including “Army of Anyone,” “Fiedly’ Dreams,” “Still Well,” and “Fear and the Nervous System.” Within a short span, the band has managed to release several multi-platinum selling albums, winning two Grammy Awards. The band has sold over thirty-five million albums worldwide and nineteen million copies in US. The band continues its exciting and riveting musical journey to mark its second decade in the industry. By acquiring Korn tickets, the audience can witness the new metal band deliver an electrifying and exhilarating live performance for an unforgettable experience.

Formed in 1993, the band came up with its demo album “Neidermeyer’s Mind” in the very same year. The album marked the “New Wave of American Heavy Metal,” amalgamating various musical genres including dissonance, groove, hip-hop, rock and metal. The demo album was followed by the release of their mainstream debut album “Korn” in 1994. The album managed to reach multi-platinum status in US after selling over million copies. The album was a commercial and critical success and influenced other artists and bands including “Limp Bizkit,” “Slipknot” and “Coal Chamber.” Their second album “Life is Preachy,” was released in 1996, peaking at number three in US and reaching two times platinum status in US. Their second album also produced the track “No Place to Hide,” that won a nomination at the Grammys for “Best Metal Performance”. Korn garnered a loyal base of fan followers after the releases and produced an online weekly TV show that featured renowned artist including “Limp Bizkit,” and “311.” The show became a hit amongst fans and allowed them to talk and inquire the band members about their musical experiences.
The third release “Follow the Leader,” marked worldwide success for Korn and placed them on the road of international stardom. The album was a success, peaking at number one position in US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The album was certified five times platinum in US and it featured several artists including “Fred Durst,” “Tre Hardson” and “Ice Cube.” Their fourth release of 1999 “Issues” followed similar success as the previous release, peaking at number one in US and Australia as well as reaching multi-platinum status in US, Australia and Canada. The band continued releasing multi-platinum albums including “Untouchable” (2002), “Take a Look in the Mirror” (2003), and “See You on the Other Side” (2005). Korn released an “Untitled” album in 2007 that was certified Gold Status in US, peaking at number two position. Their most recent albums include “Korn III: Remember Who You Are” (2010) and “The Path of Totality” (2011), that reached at number two and number ten position on US charts respectively.
Korn continues its inspiring and enchanting musical ride. The band is famous for starting a new era of heavy metal music in US. The new metal band fused the sub genres of heavy metal along with various genres like hip-hop, rap and jazz and rock to produce a unique and original sound that managed to allured masses. Millions attend the band’s live tours every year, as fans from every corner of the world follow the performances in huge numbers. The band is renowned for its highly vibrant and electrifying performances that sway the crowd into a gripping heavy metal ride. By acquiring Korn tickets, the fans and audience can make sure to witness the band as they embrace the stage for another energetic and majestic live performance that will leave the audiences spellbound. 

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